It’s all about the fans.

It’s all about the fans.

The love of entertainment – the primary purpose of our website – takes on many forms and many outlets. Entertainment can cause us to laugh, cry, think, or motivate us to take action.

Those of a certain generation, think of the first time you watched ‘The Wonder Years’ or ‘Happy Days.’ Think of how the music, fashion, lingo and cars took your soul back to where you were in history when you heard Ritchie Cunningham tell Potsy to “Sit on it.” Think about ‘American Graffiti’ and how the backdrop of Wolfman Jack’s radio broadcast told your own story, instead of that of Richard Dreyfus.

For many, Forrest Gump may be the prime example, running us from the 1950s through the 1980s with a soundtrack unrivaled to this very day.


Beyond that, creativity is sparked from the flames of our entertainment.

Today’s social media has given us the ability to see a whole new creative flow in the form of fan art, fan storytelling (a creative writing continuance of story arcs, many of which has ended their run on television). There are even bands that are dedicated to shows, such as Star Trek, creating music based on their favorite series.


One of the most amazing of these creative outlets of energy is cosplay, costuming, mostly stitched piece by piece by the user, into an exact replica of their choice program, movie, or book. Convention floors around the world are filled with creative people, expertly and amateurishly alike, using foam, latex, fabric and repurposed items to brand their own form of art.

Fan Art (which is my chosen form of fandom) garners attention from other fans and even from the writers and actors of the programs it’s based on.


DRKENSome entertainment creates opportunity that most never could. For instance, the Star Wars Universe has taken cosplay to a level that others could not.

The 501st, a fan based unit of costume creators and users, create true-to-screen wearable costumes that they use for charity functions, community events and conventions around the country. They visit children’s hospitals in full uniform, cheering on the sickest among us and offering “A New Hope” for those who need it most. Other cosplayers help raise money for charities that push the consideration for blood drives, cancer research and awareness to causes, or action to a crux of need.11794265_10101522945676873_4292849215514793660_o


What outlet has been opened for your creativity, based on music, movies, books, or television? Check out this video by our friends at The Sneaky Zebra featuring some incredible cosplayers in action.

Be inspired!