Birthdays July 6-8

Birthdays July 6-8

July 6

Kevin Hart, star of “Ride Along,” turns 37 years old.index

Sylvester Stallone, star of the “Rocky” movie franchise, turns 70.

” Holy Birthdays, Batman!” Burt Ward (pictured right) turns 71!

July 7

The Beatles second drummer celebrates his birthday in an octopus’s garden. Ringo Starr turns 76.

You bet there’ll be cake! Jim Gaffigan is turning 50 years old.

Two-time Olympic medalist, American figure skater, five-time World Champion and nine-time United States Champion, Michelle Kwan turns 36.

July 8

Rapper and actor, son of Jada and Will, Jaden Smith turns 18.

Kevin Bacon cuts loose at 58! The reason Magneto wears a helmet, according to “X-Men: First Class” celebrates his birthday.

Legendary musician and creator, Beck turns 46