Behind the scenes of San Diego Comic-Con 2016

Behind the scenes of San Diego Comic-Con 2016


The “HBO Game of Thrones” crates arrive downtown for the Hall of Faces exhibition, in the Gaslamp District, while the “Ash vs. The Evil Dead” shack is being built offsite on the Lexus Premier Lot.


The ferris wheel leads to a lot of questions on Tuesday: Is it, or isn’t it, a “Mr. Robot” offsite exhibit?

Some of the buildings still have incomplete banners and decor well into Tuesday afternoon.

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NBC is pushing its new comedies, including “The Good Place” and dramas like “Emerald City” across from the convention center, while FOX promotes “Son of Zorn” and “The Exorcist.”

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The “False God” statue arrives from “Batman vs. Superman,” as setup begins for the promotion.

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“South Park stand-ups arrive as the town is being created, plus “Dr. Strange” promoted by lamp light.

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The city of San Diego from the sky. Conan’s presence is felt from thousands of feet above the tallest of buildings.

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The Hard Rock Hotel is being transformed into a “Suicide Squad” Hotel. Painting is still being done outside on Tuesday afternoon.

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Gaslamp District banners being placed along what will be a street full of people tomorrow, today completely empty. “Son of Zorn” on FOX splashed along the side of trolleys, as they pass “HBO Game of Thrones” gate decor.13699382_10101931094039283_953210451_o

The convention center, beginning to end.