Comic-Con: OUAT creators talk Evil Queen, return to Storybrooke

Comic-Con: OUAT creators talk Evil Queen, return to Storybrooke

"Once Upon A Time" co-creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz share details from Season 6.

“Once Upon A Time” co-creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz share details from Season 6.

Fresh off the heels of the “Once Upon A Time” panel at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday, the cast and creators shared more details about Season 6 during a media Q&A.

The panel introduced fans to Aladdin, who will be played by Deniz Akdeniz (Graceland) and Jafar, who will be by played Oded Fehr (Covert Affairs).

Co-creator Edward Kitsis said we will also see the Count of Monte Cristo (Craig Horner) in Episode 2, which will have a tie in with the beloved character in the Enchanted Forest.

“You can’t introduce Jekyll and Hyde and not tell that story,” Kitsis said.

Lana Parrilla steps into dual roles as Regina and the Evil Queen. When we last saw her, she thought she had successfully separated herself from the darkness using a potion that split Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Hyde and others from the Land of Untold Stories have now descended on Storybrooke.

“Characters have run away because they don’t want their stories to play out. Now, that they’re back in the Storybrooke, they’re going to play out. So, you have Emma once again in the position of Savior, trying to help these people find their happiness,”  Kitsis said.

While characters of the Land of Untold stories have migrated to Storybrooke, co-creator Adam Horowitz said this season won’t all be about those characters and unlike the last couple of seasons, “Once” won’t be traveling to a new land.

“It felt like a natural progression. After the last couple seasons of going to Neverland or Arendelle, or Camelot … that we wanted to back in Storybrooke and focus on how all these events punitively have affected our characters. What does it mean for Snow and Charming to see their daughter going through this?” Horowitz said.

Kitniss and Horowitz said also we will learn why the Evil Queen didn’t die when Regina crushed her heart in the Season 5 finale.

“Can you ever really split the darkness out of yourself?” Horowitz said.

The clip shown during the Comic-Con panel alludes to Aladdin as a Savior, which leads to the question that Emma wasn’t the first.

“We’re hoping the first thing people realize is Emma wasn’t the first,” Kitsis said.

Kitsis and Horowitz promised that we will learn more about the Savior mythology this season, much like the Dark One lineage in Season 5. It’s possible viewers will learn the identity of the first Savior. Aladdin’s journey could provide insight and parallel’s to Emma’s path.

Kitsis said after Emma professing her love to Hook when there was no death and no danger, all these new emotions have opened up. He and Horowitz really want to explore what’s going on in Emma’s head.

“What’s it like to find your parents? What’s it like to be the Savior? What it’s like to fight all these fights? Is my only jobs helping people? Do I get to find my own happiness?” Kitsis added.

Kitsis and Horowitz said one of the main theme this season is the notion of separating the good from the bad. Is it really possible? And what is the difference between happiness and a happy ending?

“We started the show off with Snow White being woken up with what was the end of her fairy tale. So, we want to dive into a lot of like, Well, maybe this is the happy ending and we have to stop fighting every monster that comes to town,” Kitsis said.

“We’re going to make Storybrooke great again.”

More exclusive “Once Upon A Time” interviews will be posted throughout the week. Season 6 premieres at 8 p.m. Sept. 25 on ABC.