The winds of change bring a storm to Gotham Season Three

The winds of change bring a storm to Gotham Season Three

As Gotham prepares to enter its third season, there’s a painfully strong reminder of just how dismal it seems the future of the city is. The unleashing of experimental life onto the streets poured over us at the end of season two, just to remind us that there’s never a time we’re going to be able to catch our breath.

I was able to sit down with a few members of the cast at San Diego Comic-Con, along with executive producer Danny Cannon, to discuss the winds of change that are gusting into season three. Little did we know how many changes are coming and what happened along the way to get us there.

This past season was all about the villains. In some cases, we learned the backstory of what brought them to the devilish side of good and evil, in other cases, the story has been intentionally vague and unassuming. Selina, for instance, seems to have a knack for doing what it takes to survive the streets, but little else is known about her. According to Cannon, season three will pull back the curtain on her life,gotham giving us her back story and revealing that her parents, in fact, are ALIVE! When pressed for answers as to whom we’ll see fill the characters of our favorite pickpocket’s parents, Cannon wouldn’t budge.
Cannon didn’t stop there. We’re going to reveal two new characters to the show and two well-established characters.” Of course, we already know that ‘Hatter’ is one of our reveals, but we’re also getting the origin of Ivy, as told on television for the first time.

“If season two was about the villains,” Cannon said, “then season three will be about their grip on Gotham.”

Not only are we getting new characters, but we’re also going to see our favorite cops come to grips with the trouble that was stirred in season two. Let’s be honest, Gordon’s first instinct is usually wrong. That’s been a recurring theme in his career on the force. “We’re going to see a continuation of Gordon refusing to see himself as a cop, still,” Cannon said. All of this while Barnes is holding down the fort.

That’ really sets the standard for a great seaScreen Shot 2016-07-24 at 1.34.09 AMson. The only thing is, that’s just the beginning…

“Bruce must
take on a new identity in order to survive,” Cannon said. Could it be an identity we’re familiar with? Or is this a struggling teenager beginning to develop the life skills it’s going to take to become that new identity down the road?

Something piqued my interest while talking to Cannon. Such a variety of characters in terms of backgrounds and ages. I mean, you’ve got to write for a 15 year old all the way up to someone in their 70s! That has got to be difficult to do. To my surprise, Cannon said it’s the exact opposite.

“In a massive city (like Gotham), the complexity and diversity is what makes it great. It’s actually easier to write.” Makes sense. According to Cannon that’s the dynamic of Gotham that makes it great.

So what about our beloved Cobblepot? I mean, he’s been through enough to drive a person insane. Right?

“In season three, we’re going to see Penguin dipping his foot into politics. We may see a criminal run city.” One of Cobblepot’s criminal pals is going to find enough common ground with our pal to bring Gotham to its knees. Not surprisingly, we’re going to be seeing that right about the time we’re heading to the polls to elect our own leaders. Is Cobblepot on our ballots?

According to Cannon, the problem is that Cobblepot and his cohort aren’t going to see eye-to-eye, “So like two strong north magnets, it’s not going to end well.”

Well, at least he got to have Paul Reubens for a father. So what was it like having him on the set? Cannon said that the immediate thought for Penguin’s father was Reubens. So much so that if he didn’t take the part, they were considering not even presenting the character. There was no one else who could play that part.

There seemed to be a lot of comedy involved in the scenes with Reubens. Cannon addressed that by saying that the comedy “fit right in.” He compared it to British comedy vs. American comedy, where a show like “The Office” in Britain doesn’t need you to laugh, because, as Cannon puts it, “Ricky Gervais plays the role as if he’s saying he’s not a character, I’m me. I don’t want you to laugh.” He held Reuben’s character to be in that same regard.

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