AMC Original series Preacher season finale set for Sunday, July 31

AMC Original series Preacher season finale set for Sunday, July 31

If you’ve watched AMC in the past 5 years, you know it’s created some of the greatest television of any cable network – including that of HBO and Showtime. Between “Breaking Bad,” “The Walking Dead,” “Better Call Saul,” among others, AMC has a reputation for finding artists with ideas that are both, original and quick to grow a solid fanbase.

Garth Ennis’s comic book was no exception. When “Preacher” was picked up by AMC, with the executive producers Seth Rogen, Sam Catlin and Evan Goldberg, an immediate lot of fans were onboard. Of course, there are purists who were angry that their literary ideals wouldn’t play out, as there always are, but the majority of fandom were looking forward to the experience.

We asked Ennis how he made such broken characters relatable to the reader and the viewer.

“You have to give the audience just enough relatability – if such a word exists – so they would stay with the characters for the life of the comic. Jesse (the Preacher) would be much happier if it were 1865 and he were walking down to the OK Corral for a shootout, so he’s the most traditional hero, although he is, as you say, broken.”

Ennis said that you have to give the audience something to hook onto. “Preacher had to have just enough traditional heroism to keep people coming back.” That could be one of the rallying cries for every AMC original. Credit is given to the executive producers for their creative interpretation of his characters. Ennis said, “Yes, there are many parts that they’ve come up with that I wish I would have thought of.”

There’s quite a different feel between the comic and the show. That wasn’t originally the intent. The plan was to do the show with a “Sin City” movie vibe, panel to panel. It was sold to AMC on that premise, then production ideas changed because, as Rogen said, “It just won’t work.”

As long as they maintain the core characters and emotion of the story, Ennis said he was fine with the changes that had to be made. “The impression I had,” Ennis said, “was that I was just really confirming a suspicion I had anyway, that you would have to change it.”


While they could give no hints as to how season 2 would play out, there was a sense that it would continue the search for redemption for these broken characters, as we start to see more of the past of the characters revealed, including ‘The Cowboy,’ played by veteran “Outlander” actor, Graham McTavish. So far, in season 1, all we have seen is his painful backstory as he prepares to travel into our present day to kill Jesse.

AMC has given a tremendous amount of freedom, as viewers can tell, based on the language and adult content that normally doesn’t air on a network like AMC. We were able to ask Rogen about the liberty they are able to take. As long as they don’t use the ‘F’ word, they’re fine. He said, “We thought it would be this faceless, nameless organization. Turns out, it was this super chill dude who would ask ‘why do you need to do this?’ and we would say, ‘well it would really help this story.’ and he would call back 20 minutes later saying, ‘you know I’ve thought about it and you guys are right. I’m going to let you do it.’ There’s not been anything that we’ve been rejected on.”

Seth Rogen at San Diego Comic-Con, speaking to members of the press.

Seth Rogen at San Diego Comic-Con, speaking to members of the press.

“Preacher’s” season 1 finale will air on AMC Sunday, July 31 at 9/8c and to get caught up on preacher, check AMC On Demand.

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