Mr. Robot on USA “eps2.3logic-b0mb.hc” recap with spoilers

Mr. Robot on USA “eps2.3logic-b0mb.hc” recap with spoilers

When we left Elliot (Rami Malek) last week, he was back in the game with a clear mind. Oh, who are we kidding? His mind is never clear, but his mission was! He’s going to hack the FBI.


Elliot starts off with a story about how an 11 year old Elliot hacks the library to see if it’s even possible, loading malware to intercept all mobile data. “Everything was revealed.” He writes the script and we’re up to date from last week.


Darlene (Carly Chaikin) is at Angela’s (Portia Doubleday) house, after not seeing each other for 5 weeks, to ask for her assistance. “It’s simple.” The thing is, hacking the FBI isn’t simple by anyone’s standards and Angela knows it.

Darlene and Elliot have a conversation about Angela and have a disagreement over her involvement in the process. Elliot insists that Angela CANNOT be involved. Of course, Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) is involved in the conversation, but his opinion is tuned out very quickly.

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We move ahead to BD Wong’s “Whiterose,” now in a suit and tie and acting as the Minister of Security for China, discussing matters with American authorities concerning “The Dark Army,” and their potential hacking. There’s a slight hesitation, but it’s quickly covered over with a smile and an invitation to dinner.

Elliot meets with Ray (Craig Robinson) and asks for help as he assembles all the pieces to this huge hack. Ray agrees to send someone to talk with him.

Joanna Wellick’s (Stephanie Corneliussen) story continues to unfold, revealing she is potentially the most diabolic and ruthless character on the show. She has a man killed, but insists on him being drugged first, so he would have time to put his death into perspective, before being shot.

A very deep conversation between Dominique DiPierro (Grace Gummer) and China’s Minister of State Security reveals her back story as a Jersey girl who, after a bad relationship and a lot of painful memories, causes her to join the FBI. “Let me ask, Ms. DePierro, how the world would look if the 5/9 hack had never happened?” This conversation is one that I’m sure will play out in future episodes as Agent DePierro becomes a more involved character.

Elliot and Angela meet. Elliot insists that Angela shouldn’t be involved, while Angela insists she has to be. “I wouldn’t be involved unless I was sure you could pull it off. I’ve decided.” Angela tells Elliot she misses him and how she reached out to him so many times, but he never responded. Elliot explains that his dead father is standing behind her right now, letting her know that he’s not mentally capable of being involved. They sort of resign to being friends.

Elliot meets with the guy Ray set him up (a bloodied and beaten man, who obviously didn’t come at his own free will) with to help with the hack. Through typing on the keyboard, they communicate that Ray’s “online business” is a Tor site that is ‘invitation only’ that is going to be a very bad avenue to go down. It turns out Ray runs a blackmarket site where you can buy anything from human beings and underage sex slaves, to rocket launchers.


Elliot has a conversation with Mr. Robot about Ray, insisting he can and should help the people that are being held on that site. Mr. Robot insists they do not have time and they have other battles to fight. The internal struggle in Elliot’s mind is overwhelming.
Angela takes multiple cabs and subway cars to make sure she’s not being followed, at Darlene’s request, to meet with her. She’s in.

Now, a terroristic attack leaves Agent DePierro alone, firing back at people she doesn’t know, over her friends who have just been killed.

Elliot has been taken from his bed by Ray and his men, who have killed the man who Ray sent to help him. When Elliot asks “Why?” Ray simply says, “I told you not to look.”

The episode ends with Elliot being pummeled by Ray’s men. In the previews for next week, Ray has Elliot, now beaten and bloody, held against his will and working for him. Angela and Darlene are working on their plan to get into the FBI’s server.