Suicide Squad proves critics wrong and perfectly delivers

Suicide Squad proves critics wrong and perfectly delivers

I’m a fan of comic books. I have been for 35 years. I’ve followed the Marvel and DC Universe since comic books were 35 cents. That said, I fully expected the reviews for “Suicide Squad” to be correct. I wasn’t sure that DC could pull off a movie with more than 2 main characters, since they tend to ruin backstory so well (“Green Lantern” is a prime example).

But Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn? I had to give it a chance.


The opening 20 minutes of the film was all backstory. It delivered the reasoning behind building this Suicide Squad. It set up a premise of who these characters were in a perfect manner. For the first time that I can remember, a DC film made you care about DC characters. There was actually color and light! That’s something DC movies have never done well. You could see what was going on, you could make out the action scenes and you – the viewer – were involved.

If I were to compare this movie to anything, it would be a blend of “Apocalypse Now” with “The Wild Bunch,” only with meta-humans.
Every review I read said that the Joker wasn’t in the movie enough to make a difference. Unless the movie was called “The Joker,” he was in it enough to make quite an enormous impact. His character was intense and may be the best Joker in DC cinema. This is coming from someone who has never liked Jared Leto. I was not only visually impressed with his look, I was amazed by his realism to the depth of the character from the DC Comics. He wasn’t so implausible that his character came across as labored, rather he was a psychopathic nightmare that could actually exist, sort of a crime boss who just happened to be insane.


Margot Robbie was the definitive Harley. There has not been a better casting decision in a comic book movie since Robert Downey, Jr. was cast as Tony Stark. Aside from being breathtakingly gorgeous, her mannerisms, her speech modulation and tone, her accent, her absolute believability as a devious villain with all of her humanity hidden in the back of her mind, ready to come out, was irrefutable. Robbie’s ability to transform into this character is a testament to her unquestionable acting prowess.

Will Smith will put Deadshot on the map of characters who many have never heard of. His primary role in a sort of “lead character” was as well played as Chris Pratt in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” That’s where the generalizations and comparisons end – Two money-hungry guns for hire who are supposed to be saving a universe or planet that doesn’t care for them. Smith’s relationship with his daughter is heartfelt and strong, beautiful and distant. It is one of the best tellings of a strained family relationship in a comic book movie. Smith was balanced with clarity by Joel Kinnaman’s character, Rick Flag.

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Viola Davis is a stone cold tyrant of a leader. She was perfectly cast! Between Davis and Ike Barinholtz (MADtv), there were plenty of tyrannical people to build your anger.

The Diablo character (Jay Hernandez), gave us an emotionally complex character without being histrionic. Every character was disturbed, yet relatable. Hernandez, however, may have played the most touching of the stories. There was a rationale to his villainous behavior and a perceptual reasoning to why he refused to be a part of the team in the beginning.

This film was easy to follow and had some electrifying moments that made me want to stand and cheer. It was a perfect setup to a future Justice League film. There is a mid-credit scene worth waiting for!

I was far too hasty with my review of Ben Affleck’s Batman casting. He was on target and unreserved with the hero, without playing it so strict that he stole the scene. His dauntless character was ideal for the film.

I had heard of Cara Delevingne, but had no idea who she was prior to this movie. Her Enchantress character was a great villain, without the melodramatic silliness of most comic movie villains.

This movie is now in my top 15 comic book movies that have been made and is atop of most DC films that have ever come about.

Go see it. See it in IMAX, if you can. The story doesn’t lack in any regard and the beauty of this film is indefectible. It will be one of those moments when critics who say otherwise will face backlash and rightly so.