Kevin Smith’s new AMC show has us “Geeking Out.”

Kevin Smith’s new AMC show has us “Geeking Out.”

Kevin Smith is our mayor. He’s brought ideas into the forefront that would otherwise be overlooked. We were walking behind him at San Diego Comic-Con for the better part of 10 minutes, by the Bayfront. For clarification, we weren’t stalking him, we were leaving an interview at the Hilton and heading to our next event. For the most part, people would wave and speak, like they would a friend or a neighbor, rather than fan-assault him with hoards of screaming and demands for selfies.

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When we heard that Smith and Greg Grunberg (Heroes, LOST) were launching a new late-night talk show on AMC called “Geeking Out,” we had to watch! With guests like Charlie Cox (Daredevil), Jeph Loeb (Marvel TV), Nathan Fillion and Alan Tukyk (Con Man), we were hooked. Smith and Grunberg cover movies, television and all-things-collector from the standpoint of lifelong fanboy. While Smith’s opinion is always correct and Grunberg’s is only correct when he agrees with Smith (slightly joking), it’s entertaining and unlike anything else on television today to see two guys who know exactly what they’re talking about without having to pretend to care about the topics they cover.

AMC has embraced the culture of sci-fi, fantasy and comics in recent years and fans have made them a go-to channel for viewing, as a result. With shows like “The Walking Dead,” “Fear the Walking Dead,” “Preacher” and Smith’s own “Comic Book Men,” they’ve set the bar pretty high for other cable networks when it comes to the demographic with the most disposable income – geeks.

Kevin Smith interviews Matt Damon for the new "Jason Bourne" movie.

Kevin Smith interviews Matt Damon for the new “Jason Bourne” movie.

When a network gives the green light to a show that involves talking about toys and comic books, then gives them freedom to do it the way it should be done, it’s bound to reach the right audience. This show won’t appeal to the “Bridget Jones’s Baby” moviegoers. It’s a specific show for a specific audience. However, if you collected “Star Wars” figures growing up, or read “Justice League” comic books at any point in your life, then you’ll love it.

geeking-out-kevin-smith-greg-grunberg-hands-up-800x600The show doesn’t stop at the traditional interviews and clips we’ve seen with previous talk shows. There are remote segments from convention floors and on location at live events, plus plenty of discussion between the two hosts about things we care about. You can (and should) catch “Geeking Out” Sunday Nights on AMC at Midnight/11c.