New Fall TV schedule for 2016: What you can’t miss

New Fall TV schedule for 2016: What you can’t miss

There are so many new shows premiering this fall, after a whirlwind of cancelations from last season that left us scratching our head at some and picking our jaw off the floor at others, that we are going to attempt to give you the very basics of what you need to know and leave out most of what you don’t.

NBC is taking a new approach to their lineup with a focus on Thursday Night comedy for the first time in several years. After the success of “Superstore” from last year, they’re following up Thursday night with the incredibly funny “The Good Place,” starring Ted Danson and Kristen Bell. This show gets an ‘A rating’ from us at Briotainment.


However, NBC is still heavily focused on drama, with Tuesday’s “Chicago Fire,” Wednesday’s “Chicago P.D.” and Thursday’s “Chicago Med.” The highlight in NBC’s drama will be “The Blacklist” on Thursday night. “This is Us” is another new drama that looks so melancholy and depressing that it should come with a warning label.

The CW is heavy on heroes this season, with “Supergirl” moving networks, yet keeping the Monday schedule. With the addition of Lynda Carter to the cast, as well as the new Superman (Tyler Hoechlin), the show looks to add a new dimension to the Monday lineup. “The Flash” leads off Tuesday’s lineup, “Arrow” on Wednesday, “Legends of Tomorrow” on Thursday and “The Vampire Diaries” on Friday.


The CW is banking on crossovers, special episodes (including a musical) and new characters widening the appeal to their target audience and younger viewers. They’re also adding midseason shows, “The 100,” “iZombie,” The Originals” and newcomer “Riverdale,” based on the Archie Comics.

FOX seldom keeps a show on for more than half-an-episode, unless it stars Chef Gordon Ramseym so it’s odd to see a few regulars back again this fall. “Gotham” has continued to grow an audience and is one of the few non-cable/non-streaming shows to actually get an Emmy nomination. It keeps its Monday timeslot at 8/7c, followed by “Lucifer.” “Scream Queens” is back on Tuesday at 9/8c for another season.

Gotham returns on Monday Nights this Fall.

Gotham returns on Monday Nights this Fall.

Wednesday looks like they’re trying a new show to lead into their hit, “Empire.” “Lethal Weapon,” starring Damon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh is an action comedy based on the films. Based on what we’ve seen, we’ll pass. Friday night at 9/8c is one we’re looking forward to. “The Exorcist” looks really good. It’s not a remake of the movie, rather a different perspective, following 2 different men and their approach to a family’s possession. “Son of Zorn,” Sunday night’s new animated/live action comedy, will be a good fit between “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy.”

CBS is really heavy on comedies this season, with “The Big Bang Theory” returning, followed by a new series called “The Great Indoors.” Their big draw will be “MacGyver” on Friday, at least for a month-or-so. The novelty of rebooted shows may wear thin, since it’s followed by “Hawaii Five-0. They’ve also got “The Odd Couple” returning to Monday nights and “2 Broke Girls.”


Mostly returning shows, there’s about half-a-dozen new ones for the regular season, nothing that really stuck out. There’s a new show on Thursday nights at 10/9c called “Pure Genius that we’re going to take a look at in hopes that it offers something different than the rebooted series that are becoming far too common at CBS.

ABC dropped “The Muppets” and “Nashville,” they’re rearranging some shows when it comes to time/day and they’re adding about half-a-dozen shows as well. Wednesday comedies have been set in stone for years, but now “The Middle” is moving to Tuesdays to anchor the night’s lineup, followed by “American Housewife,” “Fresh Off the Boat” at a new time and “The Real O’Neals.” Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” will wind up the Tuesday block.


Wednesday is their strongest night of comedy, with “The Goldbergs” moving up a half-hour, followed by the new show, “Speechless,” “Modern Family” and “Black-ish” returning and the new Kiefer Sutherland action-drama “Designated Survivor” taking the place of “Nashville.” Friday stays the same with “Last Man Standing” and last year’s hit comedy, “Dr. Ken” returning. Sunday night’s “Once Upon a Time” is the lead-in to Sunday night at 8/7c.

Our picks for “must-watch” each day:

Gotham (FOX), Scorpion (CBS)
The Flash (The CW), Fresh Off The Boat (ABC)
The Goldbergs (ABC), Black-ish (ABC), Designated Survivor (ABC)
Superstore (NBC), The Good Place (NBC), The Blacklist (NBC)
Dr. Ken (ABC), The Exorcist (FOX)
Son of Zorn (FOX, Once Upon A Time (ABC), Elementary (CBS)

Riverdale (The CW)

Check local listings for premiere dates and times.