Everything you need to be Harley Quinn this Halloween

Everything you need to be Harley Quinn this Halloween

We’re less than 80 days until Halloween and the vast majority of us haven’t even given a second thought to what costume we’re going to wear. There will be tons of last minute decisions involving capes and spandex, but if you get the jump on it, there’s ideas you can accomplish that will make you the life of the party.

In today’s post, we’ll focus on the top pick for adult females this year, Harley Quinn. While there will be ready-made costumes that will look alright, sometimes piecing your own together from various sites will get a better reaction and have more of a sense of realism.


If you’re hair is long enough, spraying color will be the most realistic and comfortable option. This will keep you from getting too hot under a wig. Remember that her left side is blue and her right side is pink/red. The wigs look really nice. You can get them, along with the hat, bracelets, necklace, shirt, jacket and ball bat at PartyCity, but I would recommend spending a little more and getting a better quality wig from somewhere like LightInTheBox. A closer resemblance to the movie shirt can be found at Merchoid, while a great place to compare prices, as they will change closer to October, is AliExpress.

You’re going to want to watch shipping times. Some sites will take 2 months to deliver, unless you pay a premium delivery rate. If you find an especially low price, you want to double check the deliver time and also make sure it’s within your own country. Oftentimes, overseas deliver can take forever, even though the price is better. Always make sure your size is listed correctly.


If you’re purchasing a wig, make certain to find a wig cap. There’s nothing worse than a blonde Harley with dark bangs peaking out over the forehead.

Her tattoos are very important and can be found to download at Etsy.

Harley’s makeup is not difficult or time consuming, but should be done correctly. This is a simple tutorial we found on Youtube that will look nice.

To round out the costume, don’t forget the shoes! AliExpress has the perfect look to keep you ahead of the rest of the Harleys out there. Watch their site for coupons, or check out sites like retailmenot.