Gotham Season 3 interview with Cory Michael Smith

Gotham Season 3 interview with Cory Michael Smith

We sat down with Cory Michael Smith (Ed Nygma) in San Diego to discuss season 3 of “Gotham” on FOX.

Last season, we saw so many changes in Nygma’s beScreen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.25.11 PMhavior and psyche, including a villainous side that surfaced and a budding friendship with Cobblepot. The friendship on camera isn’t exclusive for the actors, as they are great friend
s in reality. Smith says that it’s rare to have such an active friendship both on and off set.

So where does season 3 take the viewer? Whatever becomes of the friendship between the 2 characters? Smith lets us in on some secrets with Cobblepot, Nygma and the highly anticipated new season of “Gotham.”


“The dynamic is going to change so much! Their friendship is just kind of starting and Oswald was this refugee and then he disappeared, so now there’s this time jump into season 3.” Smith said. “I’m out of Arkham as a free man, not a fugitive, so I have this amazing opportunity for rebirth.”


We saw that Nygma and Cobblepot were living in an apartment. In season 3, Cobblepot is now thrown out of the apartment and Nygma’s advice of not becoming attached to anything or anyone will ring true. “Oswald gets things done, but Ed is smart. I think the writers are aware of how much we adore each other, so there’s a lot of mutual adoration between the characters.”

Cory_Michael_SmithWe saw some of the funniest moments on Gotham when Smith and Robin Lord Taylor (Cobblepot) were together. Smith said, “It will stay a little funny. I like Gotham when Ed is able to bring in some comedy. He feels really comfortable around Oswald, so we’re going to see that side of him emerge a lot.”

Smith explained how the character has changed by saying “One thing we really wanted to do was tell the story from boy to man. The world of Gotham has gotten Ed down, but he realized that by doing terrible things, he would get what he wanted. That just changed so quickly and now he’s embraced this new life and identity that has chosen him. Once he gets out of prison, there’s a sort of calm maturity to this choice.”

Gotham is broken down into so many age groups. You’ve got the adolescents, the young adults and the adults that are all working toward mutual goals. Some for power, some for justice.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 2.28.29 PM

When I asked Smith about the age breakdown in Gotham he said, “Here’s something I really love about the world of Gotham. Power is blind. It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman, a man. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter what your sexuality, your race, it just doesn’t matter. If you’re smart, ruthless, you will run the show. It’s kind of nice. It’s an odd world without discrimination. The age thing just doesn’t necessarily matter. We all have our own strengths and those characters are able to see what they can get from someone else. So if one day, I’m able to benefit by befriending Selina, I would do that.”
Could we be seeing future friendships emerge in the fight for the heart of Gotham? I guess we’ll find out soon! Gotham Season 3 premieres on September 19, 2016 at 8/7c on FOX.