“Better Late Than Never” is putting comedy-adventure on NBC’s map

“Better Late Than Never” is putting comedy-adventure on NBC’s map

It’s been awhile, but NBC is clouting primetime into shape with some originality and comedy. First, they announced that Ted Danson and Kristen Bell would be in the Michael Schur comedy, “The Good Place” after “Superstore” this fall, making Thursday comedy TV a reality again, instead of making Thursday reality TV a joke. Now, they’re bringing some of our favorite storytellers back to television in the way of “Better Late Than Never.”

William Shatner never met a conversation that he didn’t like. The 85 year old has been a part of more television than we can count, but beyond acting and writing, he’s a talker. We had the privilege of talking to him at San Diego Comic-Con during a press conference about the legacy of Star Trek. Shatner said, “It’s in every walk of life.” Now his own legacy continues into a new genre of comedy in a travel-food-comedy-conversational-show that’s anything but your traditional reality drama.

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This isn’t the first vessel that Shatner’s navigated.

Shatner’s traveling partner is known for being the coolest of the cool for decades, as he played “The Fonz” on “Happy Days.” His own film and television career could be a 24 hour lineup of humor and drama. Now Henry Winkler at age 70, an acclaimed author and actor, will be alongside Shatner as they make a “trek” to Asia.

Joined by football great and commentator, Terry Bradshaw, along with boxing legend and inventor, George Foreman, the four-man wrecking crew will eat things we wouldn’t touch, but more than that, they’ll introduce a culture to us as only they can. Comedian Jeff Dye will attempt to keep things on track in this journey, but we have the feeling that his roll will be more of a spectator for most of it, as NBC has collected four men who could spin enough yarn with their stories for an entire village of sweaters.

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Winkler says that this show will delight us, as an audience. The travel will be beautiful, the food, not so much – Winkler will be eating a live octopus on the show. What we’re looking forward to most, though, is the conversation, which is something lacking on television.

“Better Late Than Never” premieres August 23 at 10/9c.