The CW accelerates into DC’s The Flash Season 3 [new promo video]

The CW accelerates into DC’s The Flash Season 3 [new promo video]

One of the biggest comic book events in our lifetime was the DC Universe-altering “Flashpoint.” The cessation series led to a complete reboot in the entire DC Comics lineup with “The New 52” and was the follow-up to the groundbreaking Green Lantern DC series, “Blackest Night.” If we’ve lost you, don’t wFlashpoint_(DC_Comics)orry, “The Flash” on The CW is about to make things much clearer!

If you’re a fan of “The Flash,” one of The CW’s biggest, brightest hours in television, then you know that there’s more than one earth, a doppelgänger for each of us on the other planet, more than a handful of superhuman heroes and villains to contend with and a new, fresh third season starting in October.

There’s more good news, as Tom Felton of “Harry Potter” fame says he has been signed to be a series regular. But the earth-shattering news is that season 3 could potentially cross into the biggest event in DC television history, as Flashpoint may become a storyline. That means potential crossovers from “Supergirl,” which is now a CW show, as well as our familiar faces from Legends and “Arrow.” Just when we thought the news of Kevin Smith directing a 2-part episode for CW was big, things just got bigger.

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It looks like The CW is taking things very seriously this year when it comes to their handling of our DC Universe and we’re kinda, sorta happy about how things look so far. While Arrow is getting darker in the upcoming season, so much more is about to take place! Remember, “Supergirl” has already cast Lynda Carter for the series, Tom Cavanagh is FOR SURE returning to “The Flash” and new names are starting to pop up as the series is expanding the villains we’re going to see this season.

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As we found out from San Diego Comic-Con, we’re also going to see Wally West as he transitions into the Kid Flash character we know from the comics, who later became the Flash and was a member of The Teen Titans and The Justice League.

“The Flash” Season 3 returns to The CW on Tuesday, October 4th.