Ten reasons you should be watching The Goldbergs this fall on ABC

Ten reasons you should be watching The Goldbergs this fall on ABC

ABC’s Wednesday night lineup has consistently brought family laughs for the past several years. Anchored by the 9/8c “Modern Family” for many years, there’s been a steady 2 hours of laughs leading into the 10 o’clock hour. Though it’s hard to pick a standout with such a phenomenal night of comedy, “The Goldbergs” is our pick for best family comedy on television. We’ve got ten reasons why.

1. A breath of fresh air — Family sitcoms were becoming stale by the end of the 1990s. With the revival of family TV night on Wednesdays, we’ve got a reason to get together and enjoy laughing together again. It’s a program that’s more than nostalgic, though it does bring back sentimental memories.


2. The pace of the show — It’s so quick that there are jokes within jokesthe-goldbergs. Oftentimes when watching a half hour comedy, there will be a few laughs. With “The Goldbergs,” there are entire episodes that I have to re-watch because I was laughing so hard, I missed part of the dialogue. If you remember “Arrested Development,” you’ll remember the running gags that continued throughout the episodes. “The Goldbergs” has that same palpation on continuance within the writing.

3. Troy Gentile will be a breakout star — The character of Barry Goldberg has modified and grown since the first season. The quicker pace of the recent episodes has opened a door of opportunity for Gentile to shine. His acuity for comic timing is already on par with some of the greats. The case has already been made for consideration for an Emmy and the Academy should recognize his incredible skill.

4. The memories — Many shows have tried to incorporate recollections of earlier days into comedy. Some have been successful, but few are able to boast of the use of period music to the extent that “The Goldbergs” has. With that, the show doesn’t just rely on comedy, but will often use music (that you’ll be singing aloud) with the pining memories and life lessons as each episode ties together at the end.


5. The memorabilia — We all had them. The posters, the toys — or “action figures,” the clothes, the comic books and baseball cards. Seeing them again and knowing that someone else lived through these possessions the same way we did makes us wonder if our parents may still have some of them boxed up in their attic.

6. The shows surrounding “The Goldbergs” — We would surely be derelict in writing our reasons without mentioning the shows that share the ABC Wednesday lineup. “Modern Family” is a staple of award winning comedy. The barriers that this show shattered over the years has opened the door for others to make us laugh, care, cry and think. “Black-ish” is genius.

I don’t think there’s a harder working man in showbiz than Anthony Anderson. Seeing him work at San Diego Comic-Con from morning through evening each day gave me a new appreciation. Speechless is a new comedy starring Minnie Driver and John Ross Bowie (Barry Kripke from The Big Bang Theory) as they are on a mission to fight injustices and raise their family, including giving voice to their son with cerebral palsy.

7. The cast of “The Goldbergs” — This isn’t a bold statement, it is a no-brainer. There’s not a cast in comedy that is a tighter-knit family than this one. Wendi McLendon-Covey and Jeff Garlin are the perfect TV couple, but more than that, I could watch a half-hour program of nothing but them making each other laugh. Sean Giambrone may play Adam Goldberg, but in all honesty, he’s playing our younger selves. We see the world through his eyes and he’s every bit the awkward, yet passionate geek most of us were growing up. George Segal plays the perfect grandpa, “Pops,” and Hayley Orrantia — aside from being the cool sister — has a geeky past of her own that she sometimes hides and sometimes embraces.


8. The guest stars and series regulars — There are too many to name, but let’s start with Weird Al, Judd Hirsch, AJ Michalka and Kenny Ridwan. There are so many characters not in the family that have become central to the show that I can’t imagine it without them being a part!

9. The themes — They’ve covered everything from “Transformers” to “The Goonies,” from “Dirty Dancing” to “Risky Business.” This season, though, the ultimate 80s kick-off takes place as they send-up “The Breakfast Club.”

10. The interaction — A lot of shows live-tweet their broadcasts. They should. It’s an opportunity to immediately get feedback from fans, while sharing behind the scenes stories and their favorite moments. It also opens the door for fanbases to build and connect, like “The Goldnerds” have. Few shows do fan interaction better.

“The Goldbergs” season 4 premieres at its new time, 8/7c on ABC Wednesdays, starting Sept. 21.