Batman Day turns every town into Gotham City for a day!

Batman Day turns every town into Gotham City for a day!

Batman isn’t just a mysterious comic book character, he’s a cultural creation, representative of generations of fans, young and old. So when we heard today was “Batman Day,” we thought, “Great! Now how do we celebrate?”

Batman is a DC Comics character, created in 1940 by the great Bob Kane and Bill Finger as a dark detective fighting the criminal element of Gotham City.

Batman has had many incarnations over the years and sidekicks including Robin, Superman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Scooby Doo & his gang and his Justice League pals, but he’s still known as a loner. He’d probably not approve of people celebrating, to be quite honest.

No plans for Batman Day, Robin?! You've still got time!

No plans for Batman Day, Robin?! You’ve still got time!

There are legitimate places and things to do in observance of the day. Barnes & Noble Bookstores are having events across the country, starting at 2PM, for kids and teens (and cosplayers). There will be trivia, activities, coloring and more. Check with your store to see if they’re participating.


Comic book stores across the country are a great place to start the day, since many will be having deals on Batman-related books and merchandise. Of course, since they’re independently owned, it’s a good idea to call ahead to see which ones are offering the best deals. Some will have freebies. In most states, there’s going to be signings by great artists, writers and voice actors. DC COMICS has

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-10-30-30-pma complete list of opportunities to get on board with the fun. Keep in mind, this is an international celebration, so if you’re outside of the United States, there’s lots to see and do.

This is the third annual day dedicated to the Dark Knight. As it grows, more venues have been added, including libraries, where your family can check out super adventures of Gotham’s own brand of justice. According to DC, Warner Bros. Consumer Product licensees — Capstone Young Readers, HarperCollins, Bendon, Random House, Scholastic and DK — as well as Warner Bros. will be offering masks, games, digital activity kits and more to local retailers.

Call a friend and tell them to join you for a Batman Day festivity!

Call a friend and tell them to join you for a Batman Day festivity!

How you celebrate is up to you. We’ve seen that many people take a block of time and watch several of the movies or the television series made popular by Adam West and Burt Ward (which you can watch Saturday night at midnight eastern on MeTV). Anyway you celebrate the Caped Crusader, keep an eye out for Catwoman and random penguins trying to ruin your fun!