NCIS, Scream Queens top our list of “What to watch tonight.”

NCIS, Scream Queens top our list of “What to watch tonight.”


Brooklyn Nine-Nine on FOX
The season 4 premiere finds Jake and Holt in Florida, as they continue to live new lives in the witness protection program. Diehard fans of the show will enjoy the new season.

New Girl on FOX (8:30/7:30c)
Season 6 starts with Nick returning from his summer trip, while Schmidt and Cece try to buy their first home. The premise is getting a little tired, but still entertaining enough to DVR and watch later.

Dancing With the Stars on ABC
The elimination begins as the first night’s fall-out brings on the decision of who stays and who goes home.screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-3-34-50-pm

In the season 14 premiere, the team investigates a car explosion
in our nation’s capital with ties to an NCIS agent who went missing 6 months earlier. Our pick of the night!


The Voice on NBC
Part 2 of the blind auditions air tonight as Miley, Alicia, Adam and Blake start putting together the pieces of their future teams.


Bull on CBS
The series premiere of Bull, a psychologist named Jason Bull who is over a trial consultation company.

eae1731284a70c6fd1c0e74d53baf6d0MADtv on CW
Original players, Alex Borstein and Will Sasso, return to join the new cast for sketch comedy and parodies. Regardless what others have said, this reboot is good. The new cast is extremely talented and the incorporation of the old cast makes it even better.


Scream Queens on FOX
Season 2 of the horror series introduces new characters and a new killer at an abandoned hospital. Building off the success of the premiere season, this franchise is working hard to build a fanbase that loves the classic horror genre mixed with comedy.


Atlanta on FX
Donald Glover’s (Community) comedy-drama is on its 4th episode. The show covers the Atlanta rap scene as 2 cousins are trying to better the lives of their families. The series is doing extremely well and developing a huge audiences due to great writing.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC
The season 4 premiere finds the agency once again legitimate and Coulson back in his position as agent as the team tracks potential inhumans. It’s good to see things back to normal!

NCIS: New Orleans on CBS
Season 3 premieres with the agency working with others to find an area sniper in the city. Will they get to him in time?

This Is Us on NBC
The pilot of this emotional melodrama attempts to connect seemingly unrelated people through a series of coincidences. We’ll pass.