Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt: Trailer Finally Launched

Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt: Trailer Finally Launched

“Passengers” puts America’s sweetheart in the driver’s seat with our every-man actor, Chris Pratt. This space age romantic adventure casts Lawrence as Aurora and Pratt as Jim Preston on a flight through space to a home colony 120 years from their own. Suspended in time, the 5,000 passengers on in catatonic state of suspended animation, waiting to reach their destination at Homestead II.


FINALLY! We have our trailer for the long awaited film from Sony.

Somehow, Aurora and Preston are suddenly roused from their hibernation aboard their ship, while the other passengers remain unaware. The problem? It’s 90 years before their alarm was set to wake them!

The two zoetic passengers find their surroundings as their own personal backyard playground. A simple adventure that no one else knows about leads to love, as Aurora and Preston inevitably fall for each other on their journey.

A simple malfunction of the ship leads to an all-out dilemma as the duo realizes that they’re now charged with saving the entire 5,000 person luxury vessel, before it’s forever lost. While the film offers the lighthearted simplistic love story that’s only offered in movies about once every 10 years, “Passengers” fits the bill for more than that. combining science fiction, adventure and the thrill of mystery, while realizing the value of life.

The difficulty of filming this movie fell upon the strong shoulders of Lawrence and Pratt, who carried the dialogue throughout most of the film. The two of them share almost every line for the majority and had to rely on each other more than in most movies.

Passengers launches into theaters December 21.