The Flash: Flashpoint (Spoilers Ahead!)

The Flash: Flashpoint (Spoilers Ahead!)

“Some things happen because we make them happen.”

The timeline has been distorted by Barry. Our world is turned upside down, as everything has changed and we’re about to find out exactly how different the present and the future are as we step into “FLASHPOINT.”

[The following contains spoilers from “The Flash: Flashpoint” from October 4, 2016 on CW]
“The Rival,” a new villain, along with “The Kid Flash (Wally West),” a new hero, are downtown facing off when The Flash arrives on the scene to witness what is about to take place. We immediately break into action as two super speedsters go at it. Kid Flash moves Barry out of harm’s way and we move on to see Barry back at the library, flirting with Iris West. It’s as if everything we’ve know up to this point never happened. Barry asks Iris out.

Flashback to Barry saving his mother’s life from The Reverse Flash, who is held captive by Barry in a hidden warehouse.

“I have everything back you took from me and everything Zoom took. I’m finally free.”

But all may not be as it seems, “One day soon, Barry,” Reverse Flash says, “you’ll be begging me to kill her, again.”

Barry is living with his father and mother, but still working at the Central City PD. His parents, over breakfast kind of hint that he should start dating (and maybe move out sometime soon.)

The Flash -- "Flashpoint" -- Image: FLA301a_0006b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen and Michelle Harrison as Nora Allen -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

The Flash — “Flashpoint” — Image: FLA301a_0006b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen and Michelle Harrison as Nora Allen — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Detective West (Iris’s dad) is apparently not the same kind of guy he was in the other world. He’s a drunk without his act together. Barry tries to help by getting him dressed, bringing him to the station and telling his boss he’s been on an assignment without cell phone service.

Iris and Barry have their lunch date, talk about love and how Barry hopes to someday have the love that his parents have. Barry zones out suddenly as Kid Flash and the Rival are going at it downtown. Kid Flash falls into a dumpster and Barry sees (for the first time) that it’s Wally. Keep in mind in this version of time, that Barry and Wally have never met.

Wally, Iris and Barry sit down to talk about why Kid Flash has his speed. Wally had an accident with lightning striking his experimental speeding car, giving him his powers. Iris and Kid Flash accept Barry’s offer to help stop the Rival and they’re off to find Cisco.

Cisco, in this world, is the richest man in America, working where S.T.A.R. Labs used to be. Cisco is kind of a jerk. He doesn’t offer his help. Barry brings up Cisco’s past, in which Cisco helped his brother Dante, but midway through, he blacks out.

We’re finally introduced to Flashpoint. The new reality is overriding the old reality for Barry, the more he uses his speed, the more this world is becoming permanent. This isn’t happening to Reverse Flash, because he’s not using his speed.

New villain, "The Rival" faces off with Kid Flash.

New villain, “The Rival” faces off with Kid Flash.

Barry puts on his Flash gear and collects Wally and Iris and takes them to meet Cisco to tell them who he is and that he’s going to help them stop the Rival. “I can tell from the ‘I don’t believe you’ looks on your faces that you don’t believe me.” Barry tells them.

Barry explains the timeline has been changed and then realizes that a piece of the puzzle is missing. He zooms off to get Caitlin Snow, who is an eye doctor, instead of a scientist, in this timeline. She still figures out a way to reprogram the cameras to find the Rival.

The face-off takes place at an old sawmill. Wally immediately goes in to fight, but is stabbed in the chest by the Rival. Wally’s still alive, but hurt badly. Barry is now head-to-head with the Rival. The fight is on and Barry’s powers seem to be fine until he has another blackout. The Rival causes 2 tornados with his super speed. Barry is struggling until Iris tells him “you’re the Flash” in his earpiece, registering something with him, causing him to reverse the funnel clouds and takes down the Rival.

Joe shows up to shoot the Rival, just as he’s getting ready to kill Barry. Joe and Barry take Wally to the lab, where Wally is alive but not healing. Barry asks Iris to help him make things right.

Barry and Iris go to see Barry’s parents. Barry tells them the last 3 months have been the best. He’s grateful to be their son, there’s nothing to be afraid of and he’s happy to be their son. Barry and Iris leave and Barry has another blackout. They go to the Reverse Flash. They’re going to go back in time to the night that Reverse Flash killed Barry’s mother to relive the night.

They’re back to the night of the of the murder again and Barry disappears, causing the chain of time to reverse. Barry’s mother is dead, Barry’s at the time his father had died and Wally and Joe reveal the first clue to the puzzle that things aren’t right. Joe and Iris don’t talk.

In this world, the Rival is just now seeing his own path revealed, as he is now Polaris. He’s awakened by a voice, only to see “ALCHEMY” being scratched into the mirror in his apartment. Will we be seeing more of Polaris in this new timeline?

Here’s our questions for this season: Will Iris still be in love with Barry? Will Wally still be Kid Flash? What role will Polaris play and who was talking to him? How will Dr. Wells factor in to this timeline? Will Cisco, who didn’t want anything to do with superhumans as a wealthy man, be someone who is an asset in this new world?

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