Arrow Season 5 Premiere Recap: Oliver goes to Church

Arrow Season 5 Premiere Recap: Oliver goes to Church

The season 5 premiere of The Cw’s Arrow was off to a flying start Wednesday night as Mayor Oliver Queen has been missing appointments and meetings, but when he does make it, he’s saying or doing the wrong thing. He’s been guilty of blasting the audience he’s talking to directly to their face!

[The following contains spoilers for the season 5 premiere]

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-3-11-07-amBecause Green Arrow has been flying solo, it’s meant he’s been falling behind in his ability to keep up with his work, making it hard to stay focused on the job at hand. Thea and Dig are gone, ever since the murder of Laurel, and even though
Felicity has been pushing for fresh faces in the troupe, Oliver’s not been on board. He’s holding out hope that things will fall back into place and the old team will regroup.


Enter new villain, Tobias Church.

Church is a tough guy with street smarts, planning on taking down Green Arrow to prove his point that he’s not one to mess with. To get the attention of everyone involved, Church and his gang break up the outdoor dedication of the Black Canary statue with guns blazing, taking out security. Their goal of taking hostages is successful as we see Mayor Queen raise his hands in surrender. The hostages are thrown into a armored truck and hauled away.


We witness a flashback where Oliver was in Russia to kill Constantine Kovar and Oliver learns the lesson of how to dislocate his thumbs to free your hands when you’re tied up, thanks to Anatoly Knyazev. Knyazev tells Oliver, “A shark that doesn’t swim, drowns.” In other words, if you’re not moving forward, you’re as good as dead.

After the flashback, we return to Star City where Oliver uses the thumb dislocation to free himself from being zip-tied. He immediately goes after Church’s gang and breaks the neck of one of his guards. Thea shows up, hesitantly geared up as Speedy, to assist with the hostage situation. There’s a problem in the way, though. Explosive devices have been wired around them, so the two of them escape briefly to regroup.

Another flashback reminds Oliver of a promise he made to Laurel, “Please don’t let me be the last Canary. This way, a part of me will always be there with you.”

Back to present time, Oliver is with a group of cops, working on a plan to get to the hostages. They get to the hostages and free them, but not before Church is able to escape. Green Arrow is dead set on making certain that this villain isn’t going to live to fight another day.

Green Arrow jumps from the window and fires a rappelling arrow at Church’s helicopter, which by now has taken off. Green Arrow begins fighting with Church inside the copter, but is forced out by Church. He uses a parachute-arrow to land safely.

Oliver heads back to the lair, discussing with the others the potential of building a new team. The idea is a little more welcome now than it was at the beginning, after all that’s happened. At the end, we see a new enemy, an archer named Prometheus, who kills one of Lance’s cops.

Next week, “The Recruits” start to join, but are Green Arrow’s training methods proving too much for Curtis, Wild Dog and Evelyn Sharp to handle?

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.