‘Once Upon A Time’ recap: Season 6, Episode 7 ‘Heartless’

‘Once Upon A Time’ recap: Season 6, Episode 7 ‘Heartless’

This blog contains spoilers from “Once Upon A Time” Season 6, Episode 7 “Heartless.”

The heroes try to figure out how to stop the Evil Queen.

The heroes try to figure out how to stop the Evil Queen.

Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) are the heart of “Once Upon A Time” who coincidentally have shared the same beating heart since season 3. This week, the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) focuses her energy on the person she’s always blamed for her unhappiness — Snow.

Snow has a terrible nightmare and awakens in the forest in the middle of the night where the queen gives her just 12 hours to hand over her (and Charming’s) heart or Storybrooke will face the contents of a mysterious bottle.

Flashback to the Enchanted Forest

Snow is selling family heirlooms to a nobleman to raise money to start a new life, away from a world where the Queen has put a bounty on her head. The nobleman doesn’t keep her secret identity under wraps and Snow and the Blue Fairy (Keegan Connor Tracy) barely escape being attacked by a woodcutter.

Meanwhile, David sets off toward Longbourn with his dog, Wilby, to sell his mother’s farm. Along the way, he meets a traveling salesman and the pair decide to continue the journey together.

Back in Storybrooke

The heroes try to determine what exactly is in the vial the Queen gave Snow and how to stop it. Regina comes to a horrific realization and adds a drop of the liquid to a nearby plant, which immediately withers and dies. She says it’s water from the Lost River of Souls, obviously transported back from the Underworld by Rumple (Robert Carlyle). The water could be used to destroy the entire town and the group is at a loss at how to stop it.

Mother Superior informs everyone that in the Enchanted Forest there was a sapling forged from the first spark of True Love that could be powerful enough to trap the Queen and it is likely hidden somewhere in Storybrooke. To distract Rumple, the Queen and Zelena (Rebecca Mader) from also finding the sapling, Regina lets it slip that she and Rumple used to have “chemistry” so she can use this to her advantage. She sends a note to Zelena presumably from the Queen, telling her to meet at Gold’s shop, ensuring that she catches the Queen and Rumple making out.

With the villainous trio distracted, Mother Superior casts the magic locator spell that leads Regina and the Charmings to the sapling, which just so happens to be where Snow found Charming in a coma during the first Dark Curse. Regina poofs them into a trap door and they emerge underground, and the sapling comes into view.

While clearing out Regina’s vault to trap the Queen, Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) tries to console Emma when he sees her tremors persist. He retells her parents’ story, her story — pointing out that true love can break any curse and she’s a product of that.

“They’re going to find that baby magic little tree thing and beat the Evil Queen,” he assures her.

Snow and Charming touch the sapling at the same time and every memory of their love story rushes through their minds. Their attempts to leave with the tree, however, are thwarted by the Queen who snaps the sapling in two. Back at home, the couple lament the fact that the lost the sapling and how much power that it held. One memory, however, they didn’t realize they shared and their previous first encounter really wasn’t the first.

Back in the Enchanted Forest

The salesman gives David a drink of water, which knocks him unconscious. It turns out the salesman is the woodcutter who attacked Snow earlier, who then uses Wilby to track her. Wilby revives David and leads him to a carriage where the woodcutter has imprisoned Snow. He hurries to free her, but the woodcutter returns, forcing the two to kill him. However, instead of allowing David to release her, Snow fears seeing her face will endanger his life. She ends up giving him money to save his mother’s farm, but the two never see each other’s face.

“Knowing you believe in me, means I’m not alone,” she says.

When she hands David the money, their hands touch, resulting in the spark from which the sapling grows.

Final Showdown in Storybrooke

With the town gathered at the cemetery, the Queen awaits the Charmings’ arrival. The couple stroll toward her, confident that their love is strong enough to withstand whatever she throws their way, regardless of if they have the sapling of not. Upon their request, Regina lifts the protection spell, and the Queen is able to remove the couple’s hearts. After relishing in her long-awaited, macabre acquisition, the Queen says another punishment is more suitable, so that Snow knows what it’s like to be alone. She falls under what appears to be a sleeping curse then vanishes, sending Charming on a chase to find her.

She’s encased in the same glass coffin seen in the premiere. Regina says she doesn’t think a kiss will work this time, but Charming gives it a try anyway. For a moment, it appears like the curse has been once again lifted as Snow awakens, until Charming falls to the ground. Regina tells Snow that the Queen has cursed their shared heart, so as long as one is awake, the other can’t be.

“So we can’t be together,” Snow realizes in dismay.

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