‘Once Upon A Time’ recap: ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’

‘Once Upon A Time’ recap: ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’

The Evil Queen meets with Henry.

The Evil Queen meets with Henry.

Contains spoilers from “Once Upon A Time” Season 6, Episode 8 “I’ll Be Your Mirror”

This week, we see how Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) are coping with the double-ended sleeping curse enacted by the Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) last week. The fairy tale power couple are making the best of the terrible situation — leaving notes, cooking each other breakfast, taking turns caring for baby Neal. However, at one point, Snow realizes they aren’t alone when she shatters a nearby mirror through which the Queen was admiring her evil handiwork. 

This revelation gives Regina (also Parrilla) an idea — if she can’t sacrifice herself to stop the Queen, perhaps they could trap her in a world behind an enchanted mirror. She hatches a plan with Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) to lure the Queen into the trap by using her one weakness — Henry. He meets her on the beach under the guise of being worried about what she’s done to his grandparents, but he is quickly transported away as Regina and Emma prepare for the face-off. Regina tries to activate the mirror, only to find it fails and like always, the Queen is one step ahead of her, and has switched them. So, instead, Emma and Regina find themselves stuck inside an alternate dimension with no way to escape or contact the outside world.

To cover her tracks, the Queen poses as Regina and returns to the Charmings’ apartment to help Henry get ready for a middle school dance. Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) is immediately suspicious after the Queen returns alone and says Emma went to New York alone to search for the Dragon (Tzi Ma). Later, when searching for Emma on the beach, Hook finds her abandoned cellphone and the Queen knocks him unconscious.

Meanwhile, worried that Rumple (Robert Carlyle) will stop at nothing to take her unborn child, Belle (Emilie de Ravin) enlists Zelena’s (Rebecca Mader). They meet with Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz) and Jasmine (Karen David) and convince the “street rat” turned Savior turned street rat to steal Zelena’s wand from Rumple’s shop. 

Henry is the key to rescuing his moms from the Evil Queen's trap.

Henry is the key to rescuing his moms from the Evil Queen’s trap.

Emma and Regina know Henry may be their only hope and knowing that he’ll be there on his date with Violet (Olivia Steele Falconer), try to contact him using the mirror at Granny’s. He notices the mirror shaking, but is distracted by the Queen who reassures his insecurities about his date. He meets up with Violet, with the Queen intently watching behind them. He tells Violet the Queen isn’t his real mom and the two come up with a ruse to leave the restaurant and try to track down Emma and Regina.

Inside the mirror realm, Henry’s real moms are shocked to learn they’re not alone — the Queen also trapped the Dragon after he refused to help her following the initial split from Regina in New York. He says he may have found a back door — when Sidney Glass was trapped inside by Regina/the Queen, he was trying to rebuild a shattered mirror to use as a portal. So, the trio set off to repair the magical puzzle just as Henry arrives at Regina’s vault.

Back in town, Aladdin sneaks into Rumple’s shop and sees him in the back, where he’s once again spinning straw into gold. A monkey toy sounds an alarm, alerting Rumple that something’s amiss and he comes out to survey. Seeming to dismiss the noise, he returns to his spinning wheel allowing Aladdin to retrieve the wand and flee.

Having figured out her cover is blown, the Queen confronts Henry in the vault, reminding him that she’s as much as his mother as Regina and Emma and that she wants to give him a choice. As they’re working on the puzzle, the Dragon begins to mirror what the Queen is saying about Henry. As it turns out, only the Dragon’s body is trapped and the Queen still possesses his heart. The Dragon then transforms from his human form into an actual dragon and begins trying to roast Henry’s moms. The Queen lays his heart out before Henry and gives him the Hammer of Hephaestus, saying he can save Emma and Regina if he destroys the Dragon’s heart. Knowing that she’s trying to “Darth Vader” him and make him join the dark side, Henry repeatedly refuses because the Dragon is an innocent.

Emma and Regina, whose relationship has been at the core of “Once” since the beginning, acknowledge that neither one wanted to raise Henry alone and are thankful for the other’s influence. They deduce that while neither of them has magic in that realm, if they aim the Dragon’s fire at a mirror, it could act as a portal and free them. But, as they approach the mirror in the vault, Henry picks up the hammer, swings and strikes the glass, releasing the magic, freeing his moms and the Dragon. In the process, he also catches the Dragon’s heart. Hook reappears, accosts the Queen and she poofs out of there.

Rumple spins straw into gold.

Rumple spins yard into gold.

At Zelena’s, Belle demands that she use the recently reacquired wand to protect her and the baby from Rumple before he finds out it’s missing. It’s too late, of course, as the Dark One appears and takes the wand back. He forcibly places a bracelet on Belle’s wrist that acts as a tracking device, that no matter where she goes, he’ll always find her. Zelena tries to intervene and Rumple chokes her, which inadvertently results in him having chest pains. Zelena smugly reveals that when she saved his life, it came with a twist — any time he hurts her, he also hurts himself. He warns that Rumpelstiltskin always finds a loophole before vanishing.

As the episode winds down, Aladdin reveals to Jasmine that he swapped something else from Rumple’s shop — the magic lamp, which doesn’t have Genie in it since he was freed. But, Jasmine thinks whoever may be inside could help them find Agrabah.

The Queen enters Rumple’s shop and the two make out again (which still isn’t any less weird even though it’s happened repeatedly this season) and the two discuss an alliance for the Queen’s new beginning. But, as always with Rumple, this deal comes with a price. And this time it’s steep — he wants her sister, Zelena, dead. It seems Rumple has ventured past the point of no return, ruining any chance of being part of Belle and his child’s life without the use of dark magic.

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