‘Once Upon A Time’ Winter Finale: ‘Wish You Were Here’

‘Once Upon A Time’ Winter Finale: ‘Wish You Were Here’

WARNING: Contains spoilers from the winter finale of “Once Upon A Time”

Since the beginning of Season 6 of “Once Upon A Time,” Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) has been tormented by visions of her impending death at the hands of a mysterious hooded figure. Tonight, we got our first glimpse at the face under the hood and it’s definitely a shocker.

The episode opens with Emma, Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) going to the cemetery carrying the red-jeweled sword Emma believes is responsible for her death that stole from Gold’s shop. They see the Evil Queen (also Parrilla who is doing a brilliant job in her dual role this season) crouched by a headstone — Robin Hood’s. The Queen credits Robin’s death for her freedom, which further incites Regina, who revs up a fireball. The Queen reminds her that the only way to hurt her is for Regina to hurt herself. Before leaving, the Queen cruelly taunts Emma about her sleep-cursed parents. Emma lunges forward and cuts the Queen’s cheek with the sword, drawing blood from the Queen, but not from Regina. The heroes  finally have a way to kill the Queen while keeping Regina safe.

The Queen poofs herself away and while recovering, is confronted by Rumple (Robert Carlyle) who is delighted that the weapon has proven useful. Rumple is  bent on revenge after the Queen sped up Belle’s (Emile de Ravin) pregnancy, resulting in her sending the couple’s newborn son away with the Blue Fairy (Keegan Connor Tracy). He puts a tracking bracelet on her, promising to finish the job by the end of the day should Emma fail.

The Queen, a master of self-preservation, devises a scheme to shield herself from the mysterious sword. When Emma, Hook and Charming (Josh Dallas) go out looking for the Queen, they hear cries of help coming from Granny’s. Jasmine (Karen David) is being held hostage by the Queen. Last week, Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz) shackled himself as the Genie in order to get he and Jasmine back to Agrabah. However, the Queen is now the master of the lamp, and as such, controls Aladdin. She eavesdropped on an earlier confession between Aladdin and Emma and makes this wish:

I wish that Emma Swan’s wish to have never been the Savior be granted.

With that, Emma vanishes without a trace leaving Charming and Hook bewildered and terrified. In the alternate universe, Emma is a princess in the Enchanted Forest and reappears in a castle celebrating her birthday. In this realm, Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming have aged and defeated the Evil Queen before she had the chance to cast the curse. Emma still has Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) with Neal/Baelfire (Michael Raymond-James), but he has died in this realm as well and is seen only in a painting. Emma tells her alternate universe parents about a dream she had, where they were all in a different land called Storybrooke. She produces the mystery sword she claims was under her bed. Henry, meanwhile, is about to be knighted and thinks the sword is for the ceremony.


Snow White and Prince Charming aged in the alternate Wish World.

COURTESY OF ABC Snow White and Prince Charming aged in the alternate Wish World.

Back in actual Storybrooke, Regina realizes that since she and the Queen are in essence the same person that she too must be a master of the lamp. She wishes to be sent to the same place as Emma and Aladdin gladly grants the request.

She soon realizes, however, that the subjects in the Enchanted Forest don’t know of her change. They still see her solely as the Evil Queen. She meets the Dwarfs, who flee in terror. She then comes across Emma, who is happily humming “Someday My Prince Will Come” while picking flowers. The Emma in the Wish World isn’t the strong Savior we’ve come to know. She’s meek and hides from Regina, who she knows only as the Evil Queen. Snow and Charming arrive, telling Regina that they’ll defeat the Evil Queen again.

Regina poofs herself back to her own palace to collect her thoughts when she hears noise from the dungeons. She finds an imprisoned Rumplestiltskin, who still manages to know about Storybrooke. He tells her that the reason Emma is the Savior is because the Evil Queen was her foe. She needs to fight a villain to realize her true self. He also bargains for his freedom, promising to give Regina a magic bean the next day to transport her and Emma back to Storybrooke. Figuring he’s not real anyway, Regina agrees and opens the door.

Regina transforms herself into the Evil Queen and spoils Henry’s knighting ceremony. She makes threats similar to ones made in the “Once” pilot. Instead of fighting, Emma bows and begs for mercy. Frustrated, Regina poofs herself, Snow and Charming away to her palace and tells Emma to find the hero she’s looking for. Emma does turn up at the castle, but not to fight. She instead offers the key to the Kingdom in exchange for her parents’ lives. As a last-ditch effort to spark Emma’s will to fight, Regina takes the Charmings’ hearts in her hands and tells Emma to stop her before she crushes them. She doesn’t fight back and Regina obliterates the hearts to dust, resulting in alternate world Snow and Charming’s death. Just then, Henry appears and vows vengeance for his grandparents’ deaths. Regina says she won’t harm Henry and closes her eyes as he hurls a sword toward her. Henry and the sword are suddenly suspending, just in time, as Emma’s senses return. Regina’s refusal to harm Henry was what she needed to bring back her memories.

Robin Hood appears right before Emma and Regina open the portal to Storybrooke.

COURTESY OF ABC Robin Hood appears right before Emma and Regina open the portal to Storybrooke.

The two then make their way to the river to wait for Rumple and the promised magic bean. He actually shows up and hands over the bean before going off to cause mayhem in the alternate world. The bean opens the portal, but just as they prepare to step in, arrows fly above their heads. They turn to see … Robin Hood (Sean Maquire) who has no recollection of his past love and only wishes to rob the ladies of their jewelry. Stunned, Regina wanders toward her lost love despite Emma’s pleas that he isn’t real and they have to use the portal before it closes. She can’t pull her away and the portal disappears, leaving them trapped in the Wish World.

Meanwhile, back in Storybrooke, Emma’s loved ones are frantically trying to devise a plan to find her. Charming challenges the Queen to a sword fight, but in reality, he just wants to get his hands on the magic lamp. He succeeds and wishes for the Queen to get everything she deserves. But, literally nothing happens, because as the Queen smugly points out — all she’s ever wanted is to tear his family apart. Hook and the others arrive just in time, but allow the Queen to escape once again. Charming gives the lamp to Jasmine, who wishes for Aladdin to take them to Agrabah, where ever it may be. Before they left, however, Aladdin gave Henry a trinket for Emma — from one Savior to another. Hopefully we’ll see the pair again in the second half of the season and maybe Jafar will make his presence known.

Rumple has been trying to locate his infant son using a locator spell with strands of both of their hair. When nothing shows up, he finds Belle and tells her that even though she may hate him, something is terribly wrong and she needs to contact whoever took the baby. He removes her shackle to show he’s truly concerned and not trying to trick her again. Belle calls Mother Superior (Blue), only to find out Rumple’s fears are valid. They go to see Blue in the hospital where she tells them baby Gideon was taken by the Black Fairy (who we learned last week is Rumple’s birth mother.) Rumple says she has certainly taken the baby to a dark realm, where even his dark magic may not reach and that time works differently there.

A portal suddenly opens in Granny’s, and  the hooded figure from Emma’s premonitions strolls out of the door, nonchalantly turning the Queen into a cobra. The figure proceeds to Gold’s shop and removes his hood.

So, evidently, the hooded figure is Rumple and Belle’s now-adult son, Gideon (Giles Mattheny), also briefly known as Morpheus in Belle’s dream world, who has been presumably brought up evil by the Black Fairy. Why he would want to kill the Savior remains a mystery. Was Gideon always the figure Emma foresaw?

“Once Upon A Time” has a rather lengthy hiatus and will return at 8 p.m. Sunday, March 5, 2017 on ABC.