The Ducktales Teaser Trailer Is Here! So What Can We Expect To See?

The Ducktales Teaser Trailer Is Here! So What Can We Expect To See?

If you grew up in the late 1980s and early 1990s, you remember how awesome your afternoons were, coming home to Disney’s prized cornerstone of a block of animated cartoons, starting with DuckTales.

The Original Disney’s Ducktales

The traditional, colorful Disney artwork and characters were enhanced by great stories that actually made sense and had a point to make about morality. Disney followed the syndicated success of the series by adding Darkwing Duck and Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers in short order. The shows didn’t skip on the voice actor talent, either!

Alan Young, who passed away this year, played the voice of Scrooge McDuck. Young, the veteran voice actor, will mainly be remembered as the pal of talking horse, Mr. Ed, but he was “Uncle Scrooge” for 98 of the 100 episodes of this series.

Other unmistakable voices for the series included Frank Welker, playing Bigtime Beagle. Welker has nearly EIGHT HUNDRED acting credits to his name, including Glomer on the animated Punky Brewster, Fred & Scooby (for years) on Scooby-Doo’s various titled shows, Megatron on Transformers and Dr. Claw on Inspector Gadget.

Hal Smith, Joan Gerber, Chuck McCann, Terence McGovern and the amazing Russi Taylor all added voice to the magic. The greatest (in my opinion) voice actor of all time, Jim Cummings, even joined for 5 episodes as El Capitan in 1987, before “getting dangerous” as Darkwing Duck in 1991.

The new Disney’s Ducktales

Now, the show is returning in 2017 with all new adventures. The new series will be on cable channel Disney XD and feature the nephews (Huey, Dewey & Louie), Launchpad McQuack, Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck, among other favorites. We also see a little girl duck (we believe to be Webby).

The teaser trailer was released, giving us a glimpse inside what to expect. The original song was used in the trailer, along with (perhaps) the voice of Donald (who seldom appeared in original Ducktales adventures).

The artwork that was released around the time of San Diego Comic-Con reveals traditional artwork that is different than the original series, but still in the same realm of creativity. Sean Jimenez is credited with the series art direction and Tony Anselmo, who has played the voice of Donald Duck for generations, including the original Ducktales series, will reprise his role on this one.

We’re hoping that Disney holds true to the voices that got them here. They normally do! It would be great to hear the familiar sounds from those who are still with us, reprise their role.

Duckburg, we can’t wait for a return visit!