Seven Things We Love About Taylor Swift On Her 27th Birthday

Seven Things We Love About Taylor Swift On Her 27th Birthday

Today is Taylor Swift’s 27th birthday. The singer/songwriter is loved by millions, hated by reality television stars and best friends with Selena Gomez. That’s about all a person could ask for out of life, but since the star has been taking time for herself after her last album, we’ll just wish her a happy birthday with a little collection of some of our seven favorite things about T-Swizzle.

  1. It would be a shame to be rich, famous and gorgeous and not give back to your community. So when Taylor was called to jury duty, she didn’t give some lame excuse (which I do), she went. The fact that it kept her from the Video Music Awards wasn’t a problem. I mean, she’d already won 6 by the time she was 26 years old.

    Tay Tay doing her civic duty by not shaking off jury duty.

  2. The Taylor “behind the scenes” may be even better than the one we see on stage. While she doesn’t talk about it, Swift goes to visit children at hospitals on a regular basis, giving private concerts, while asking nothing in return, except to interact with her youngest fans and their families. When I was 27, I was — well, it wasn’t that.

3. Giving is in her blood. I’m looking for a way to use “Bad Blood” as a reference, but there’s really nothing bad about what she’s done. She’s given away more money and time to charities around the globe than most of us will ever see in a lifetime, including the victims of the Louisiana flood, in which she gave a million dollars (that we know of). Of course, her willingness to give goes beyond what we see. She’s paid hospital bills in-full for for those in need and donated to children’s charities, even helping some of her college fans to pay toward their student loan debt. Really!

4. While most of us were arguing politics and ranting about which candidate would keep their promise to our veterans and their families, Swift was actually doing fulfilling campaign promises, sending flowers and cards to a fallen soldier’s family. You can read the story and see the card here. I should’ve voted Taylor Swift for president.

5. Just before releasing her album “1989,” Swift decided to invite 89 people fans to her house to listen to it with her and be a part of one of the coolest parties they could have wanted. I don’t even let my mail carrier in my house when he has a package to deliver!

6. She’s a geek. I don’t care if anyone says otherwise, she went as Deadpool for Halloween. Not a sexy cat. Not Harley Quinn. Not even just a Deadpool costume. She went to Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, and got her costume. I would totally watch that movie! This, after sparking rumors of her appearance as “Dazzler” in X-Men: Apocalypse, by showing up on set. Turns out, she was just being a fan-girl. Which makes it better.

7. In an age where most musical artists can’t play chords on a guitar, or find middle-C on the piano, Swift has, in her 20s, written, played, recorded and sang her own music for more than a decade.

We’re still crossing our fingers for an appearance in the next X-Men movie, though.