‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 6: ‘Murder Most Foul’

‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 6: ‘Murder Most Foul’


After last week’s return from the winter hiatus, “Once Upon A Time” takes a reprieve from Gideon’s quest to kill Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and answers the question posed earlier this season — who killed Prince Charming’s father?

A quick recap of last week:

While trapped in the Wish Realm, Emma and Regina (Lana Parrilla) sought help from August (Eion Bailey) to fashion an enchanted wardrobe much like the one that first helped Emma escape the curse. Meanwhile, Regina seeks Robin (Sean Maguire) to see if there’s a hint of her true love in this alternate version. However, since the realm has duplicates of everyone, it’s assumed that Regina is the Evil Queen and she and Robin are captured by guards for the murder of alternate world Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas). Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) frees the pair, but only to imprison them in his own dungeon.

Regina finds out Dream Robin robs from the rich for himself and doesn’t have a family. She tells him about her past and the selfless acts of Robin in Storybrooke. He picks the lock and they escape, hightailing it back to August’s house. Right before entering the wardrobe, Emma suggests Regina  bring Robin through the portal and see if there’s a part of the true love still there. When they come through in Storybrooke, it first appears that Dream Robin wasn’t real and he didn’t make it through. However, his entrance was just delayed, signaling to Regina that maybe there was a reason he materialized and made it to the other side.

Emma faces off with Gideon (Giles Matheny), exactly as in the visions she’s been having all season. She loses her sword, but the hand tremors she thought foretold her death are a strong burst of light magic. She tells Gideon she’s in charge of her own fate, defeats him and he vanishes.

Back to this week: 

Earlier this season, the Evil Queen gave Charming a coin that was with his father at the time of his death. His whole life, he thought his father was just a drunk who died in a cart accident. The queen tells him that his father’s death wasn’t an accident and that he had been stabbed.

Charming sees visions of his father, Robert, and becomes determined to get vengeance for his death. Meanwhile, Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) is disheartened that Charming still sees him as a pirate. He goes to visit Dr. Hopper, wondering how he can seek Charming’s approval in order to ask for Emma’s hand in marriage.

Charming enlists Hook help to take potions from Emma’s shed in order to make a potion to enchant his father’s coin to pinpoint where he was before he died.

In flashbacks, we see Rumple make the deal to sell James to King George so that Charming’s parents will have money to take care of him. Six year later, while drinking at the local tavern, Robert learns that James has been abducted. Resolving to be a better man and restore his family, he sets out on a mission to bring the boy home.

Back in the present, the potion is successful and rolls to Pleasure Island. Knowing that August/Pinnochio spent time on the island, they see if he has any insight on Robert’s time there.

Robert talks to Pinnochio on Pleasure Island.

In another flashback, Robert comes in contact with Pinnochio on the island, whose growing nose alerts  him to James’ whereabouts. James tells Robert that King George wants him to become a knight, but he ran away because he doesn’t want to kill people. The two flee, but are later stopped by George and his men. George orders Robert’s death and the guards drag him away.

Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) prevents Charming (Josh Dallas) from making a big mistake.

Hook tries to stop Charming from going off to seek justice, but he is handcuffed to a bike rack and Charming sets off to confront George. He pulls George from his cell and challenges him to fight for his life. As the two are battling, Hook shows up and shoves George back behind the locked door. He convinces Charming that Robert had changed and was trying to do right by his family. Killing George will only dishonor what he was trying to do.

Later, after expressing his gratitude for preventing him from going down a dark path, Hook asks for Charming’s blessing to propose to Emma.

As Hook gets home that night, August arrives with the missing Pleasure Island pages from the Once Upon A Time book and Hook promises to give them to Charming. We see another flashback from Hook’s perspective. As George’s men are preparing to send Robert on his final journey, Hook stabs them to steal the king’s gold. Hook is then faced with Robert, who begs for his life, pleading to get back to his family. This doesn’t dissuade Hook, and he kills Robert.

And with that, we’re left with many unanswered questions as to where the story goes from here. This dark secret is sure to come to light. How will Charming feel when he learns his possible son-in-law killed his father? How will Emma feel when she learns someone she trusts killed her grandfather? Will they be able to look past Hook’s past and see him for what he is now — a changed man.

Regina is learning Dream Robin may not be what she wished for.

Elsewhere, Regina is learning that Dream Robin may not be the same after all. After learning that the Sheriff of Nottingham is in town, he tries to kill him. Regina stops him, then takes him to her vault. She explains that even though she was evil, she was capable of change. The two kiss, but she later admits to Snow that it was like kissing a photograph. In next week’s preview, we see Robin taking a box from Regina’s vault.

“Once Upon A Time” airs at 8 p.m. Sundays on ABC.