‘Once Upon A Time’: Ill-Boding Patterns

‘Once Upon A Time’: Ill-Boding Patterns


This week, Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) took center stage as he continues to keep his son, Gideon (Giles Matheny) off a dark path. Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), who was on the verge of proposing to Emma (Jennifer Morrison), is still reeling from the realization that unkowingly killed David’s (Josh Dallas) back in the Enchanted Forest days.

Rumple and Baelfire back in the time of the First Ogre War.

Rumple catches Gideon stealing the shattered sword meant to kill the Savior from the sheriff’s office, so he knocks him out to take him to the clock tower. He attempts to dissuade Gideon from his mission to kill the Savior, sharing how he first became the Dark One and how addictive having that power was.

In flashbacks we return to the First Ogres War where we meet Beowulf, who faces off with one of the giants. The monster bursts into flames and Rumple, the newly minted Dark One, appears holding his dagger and making waste of the remaining ogres. After saving the village, he promises his son, Baelfire, that he won’t succomb to dark magic anymore. Beowulf maintains that Rumple is a monster and couldn’t have defeated the ogres without the use of dark magic.

Beowulf holds a grudge against Rumple after the First Ogres War.

Later in the village, Rumple and Bae learn Beowulf has set off to defeat another monster — Grendel. They follow after him, but Rumple reiterates his promise to Bae and gives him control of the dagger. They soon learn that Grendel doesn’t exist and that Beowulf created the beast to lure Rumple away from the village. A scuffle ensues, but in keeping his promise, Rumple at first refuses to kill Beowulf. Realizing the village won’t believe their side of the story, Baelfire steals the Dark One’s dagger back from Beowulf and orders Rumple to kill him. Reluctantly, Rumple complies. Once back home, Rumple gives Bae a cup of tea and reveals that it contains a memory potion, wiping Bae’s mind of the darkness in his heart. He then falsely assumes that Rumple killed Beowulf on his own accord.

Back in the Storybrooke clock tower, Rumple tries to determine what happened during Gideon’s time with the Black Fairy to make him so set on killing both her and Emma. Gideon recounts a time in his cell when he was reading “A Handsome Hero” — a book that had belonged to Belle (Emilie de Ravin). He then heard his cell mate being whipped by the Black Fairy, hearing every cry. The Black Fairy had purposely left the cell door open, but Gideon did nothing and let the whipping continue. Rumple attempts to wipe Gideon’s memory by having him drink an elixir like the one Bae drank, but the concoction has no effect. After learning the sword can only be repaired by the blood of the one who forged it, Gideon demands Rumple tell him whose blood he needs. He gives a moment’s pause when learning it’s the Blue Fairy — his fairy Godmother, but soon uses the dagger to order Rumple not to stop him.

Just before Gideon takes the Blue Fairy’s magic, Rumple shows up and does the deed for him, determined to save his second son from blackening his soul. The sword is made whole again. Rumple takes Blue back to his shop and tells Belle that once they’re able to stop Gideon, her magic can be restored. Belle believes Rumple’s sacrifice shows that there’s hope for Gideon after all.

Dream World Robin Hood meets the Evil Queen.

Elsewhere, Dream Robin (Sean Maguire) teams with Zelena (Rebecca Mader) to use magic he stole from Regina’s vault to get out of Storybrooke. (Zelena also brings along the Evil Queen-turned-snake.) Regina (Lana Parrilla) stops them at the town line and invites them to try to cross over, but the protection spell still hasn’t been broken. She promises to help Robin leave, if that’s what he really wants to do. Later, while Robin is lamenting the fact that he’s still stuck in Storybrooke, a snake slithers along his back and bites his hand. And, poof! The Evil Queen returns! She reveals that there was enough leftover anti-magic potion on his hands to turn her back to human form. She tells Robin there’s much more to Storybrooke than being an “abysmal hamlet” and promises to be his guide.

Hook finally gathers the courage to tell Emma about David’s father. But, she interrupts his confession by revealing that she found the engagement ring and says her answer would be “Yes.” Instead of revealing his secret, he instead gets down on one knee and proposes.

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