‘Once Upon A Time’: Happy Endings and Beginnings

‘Once Upon A Time’: Happy Endings and Beginnings

This blog contains spoilers from Season 6 of “Once Upon A Time”

With the Season 6 finale of “Once Upon A Time,” many of the stories we’ve been invested in for the past six years come to a close.

The fantasy drama has been on the bubble all this season, with less than desired ratings, but Season 7 was confirmed last week. However, “Once” is going to continue without regular appearances from many of the characters we’ve come to love over the years. Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) announced her decision not to renew her contract, although she did promise that we’ll see the savior in a least one episode next year.

Also making their exit will be Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White), Josh Dallas (Prince Charming), Jared S. Gilmore (Henry Mills), Emilie de Ravin (Belle) and Rebecca Mader (Zelena). With so many of the core cast leaving, it’s hard to imagine how “Once” will continue, although as evidenced in the final scene of “The Final Battle: Part 2,” we will be embarking on new stories and a massive time jump.

Emma and Henry before the Final Battle.

I greatly enjoyed all of the parallels with this finale and Season 1 — namely Henry being the one to break the curse by giving Emma True Love’s Kiss. Things really came full circle, and it’s comforting to know that even though we won’t be seeing them on a weekly basis, many of the characters got their Happy Beginnings.

Since Henry has always been the heart of the show, the truest believer, seeing an adult Henry (Andrew J. West) forgetting his past is certainly perplexing. Who cast the darkness that engulfed he and his daughter, Lucy (Allison Fernandez) in the Enchanted Forest in the beginning of the finale? How did Henry end up in the Enchanted Forest to begin with?

In many ways, I feel like the Season 6 finale would have been a wonderful series finale. With all the gang gathering at Granny’s and the final page in the storybook proclaiming, “They Lived Happily Ever After,” it was the perfect opportunity to finally give these characters the happiness they’ve fought for over the last six years. It’s hard to imagine Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) without Emma and the Charmings. After being reunited with a baby Gideon, it’s also hard to imagine Rumple not being with his family on a regular basis, but we could also see a slightly older version of Gideon. We’ll also still have Regina (Lana Parrilla) and possibly an appearance from the Evil Queen in the Enchanted Forest. And with the last Henry/Lucy scene, I’m intrigued and will be tuning in this fall to see the direction the show takes.

Creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have stated Season 7 will be in the same “Once” universe, so I’m sure we’ll get explanations for all these absences moving forward. Horowitz and Kitsis have also said all departing cast members are willing to come back, so that’s definitely reassuring. And with an adult Henry, who is still an Author, there is no doubt plenty of stories yet to be told. Lucy is clutching a new storybook, telling Henry his family needs him, so maybe he’ll become the new savior.

As Snow says in the finale, “Now, we see what’s next.”

Once Upon A Time is expected to return on ABC in the fall.