Record Breaking Wonder Woman Film Gets Sequel Release Date

Record Breaking Wonder Woman Film Gets Sequel Release Date

Wonder Woman did more than set records at the box office for a female lead action movie. It proved that DC Comics could make a movie that didn’t put viewers to sleep. Keeping in mind that there are no movies without angry and disillusioned trolls, criticizing the most minute detail of any film made today, that alone is a great tribute to what most would consider the most fun movie of 2017. It’s a success story for Hollywood with a simple concept: A movie about an Amazon princess with humor, fun writing, with a lead character we all fell in love with, without the overkill that makes us wish we had stayed home.

DC dodged a bullet by putting out a version of Wonder Woman people wanted to see.

Now, we have an official release date for the follow-up to the creative and exciting first installment. Wonder Woman 2 will hit theaters December 13, 2019. If that seems like an eternity, fear not. Justice League will feature our favorite armor-clad star, Gal Gadot, on November 17, 2017.

There are ongoing negotiations between Wonder Woman’s director Patty Jenkins and the studio over directing the second installment, but Gadot will definitely be reprising her role. In all honesty, a majority of fans were skeptical of a relative unknown playing the infamous part made famous by the great Lynda Carter, but praise and respect is now being poured out for the star, in a time when most of Hollywood is wondering what it will take to win back the trust of fans.

The Justice League movie will feature Ben Affleck’s Batman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman,Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and Ezra Miller’s Flash —not the same Flash actor as the CW hit series. This long awaited heroic team flick will be hitting theaters right before the holiday season and hopes to challenge the anticipation of Marvel’s upcoming Avengers sequel, which will feature characters from across the Marvel Universe.

To date, Wonder Woman has grossed nearly $390 million domestically in the United States, which means it’s passed Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. The hunt for Wonder Woman’s list of future villains is sure to be one that will garner a tremendous amount of debate.