Deadpool Part 2 Presents Domino!

Deadpool Part 2 Presents Domino!

There are fans of comic books and characters, then there are super fans. Ryan Reynolds is a super fan, which is why fans can’t wait for Deadpool 2!

Deadpool is hardly for the faint hearted when it comes to the casual comic fan. The movie even less so. That’s why when Reynolds declared that he was making Deadpool, fans were optimistically pessimistic that it could be done correctly. However, history tells us that it was done in the interest of the fans and Reynolds became a hero, to the delight of fans.

Marvel’s “The New Mutants”

Now, Deadpool 2 is in the spotlight, as Reynold’s second installment of the mutant merc from Marvel Comics, introducing us to Domino. Domino made her first appearance in X-Force #8 as a Wild Pack (Six Pack) member in ’92. Her mutant power is about the same as Longshot – altering probability, in other words, making her enemies have bad luck, while she has good luck – but mostly marksmanship. And of course, beating people up.

Domino became the leader of X-Force as Cable would leave the team over the years to pursue other interests. That’s why it’s no surprise Domino is being introduced in typical Deadpool fashion by Reynolds.

Zazie Beetz will be playing Domino, joining Reynolds as Deadpool, Josh Brolin as Cable, Brianna Hildebrand as Warhead and Stefan Kapicic as Colossus. X-Force is pretty well represented already with this cast!

Deadpool 2 has an expected release date of June 1, 2018, will definitely receive an R rating and is directed by David Leitch. Don’t take your kids. You’re a bad parent, if you do.