The Middle Ending Its Nine Year Run On An Exceptional High Note

The Middle Ending Its Nine Year Run On An Exceptional High Note

After nine solid seasons, we’re no longer going to be stuck in The Middle with the Heck family. The long running anchor show of ABC’s mid-week comedy lineup is ending its run with the upcoming season, as the Heck kids are all grown up and off to college.

With the exception of Brick.

The show’s strength was always the realness of the problems the family faced, coming from a lower middle class family in Indiana. The Heck family was far from perfect and seldom did the right thing in most situations. They weren’t the best neighbors to have, nor the most honest. Like most of us, they were flawed and most of the flaws were their own fault.

With the exception of Sue.

The Heck family had some great guest stars over the years, from Jerry Van Dyke to Brooke Shields. There were always Christmas episodes that families could actually relate to, like forgetting gifts, or waiting until the very last moment. It was always a realistic experience, including the great episodes that showed the family’s love when it came to marriage.

With the exception of Axl.

Yeah, we saw Axl get married and then “unmarried,” as he constantly seemed to have a different serious relationship. The family always ended up forgiving each other and moving forward, although sometimes it took way longer than it should have. We saw each of them start working, struggle with money, wonder how they’re going to pay the bills and quit their jobs when they needed the money the most.

With the exception of Mike.

Mike seemed to be a constant, barely changing his facial expression and always trying to keep things as status quo as possible. All he wanted was a little peace and quite when he came home. He felt that problems would work themselves out, if everyone would just ignore the issue, it would eventually go away. He convinced most of us that dealing with things we had no control over was a waste of time.

With the exception of Frankie.

There was never a more perfect narrator for a sitcom than Frankie Heck. Her explanation of the middle class family in the middle of the country wasn’t pretty, or perfect. It was, however, a funny exploration of how we relate to each other as families and how none of us are really experts on the subject. We don’t have to be. Families are for life, although shows about families are not. We watch someone else’s kids grow up, go off to college, get married and have kids of their own. Family is a funny thing.

The Hecks are no exception.