Kevin Probably Saves The World Is Probably Saving Tuesday Nights.

Kevin Probably Saves The World Is Probably Saving Tuesday Nights.

The comedy drama mix has often been a hard one to perfect. There’s usually too much of one and too little of the other, or just a bad script that makes it impossible to work. That, on top of finding a cast that can maneuver between the dramatic and the funny, makes it a difficult episodic opportunity for a network to create. In walks Kevin Probably Saves The World.

ABC comedies and dramas are very popular, so much so that other networks usually stick to reality and competition shows. “Kevin Probably” is different, though. To make this series work, it would take a great cast. And a meteor.

Jason Ritter (Kevin) comes from a television family that we’ve loved for nearly a century. His work in “Kevin Probably” is that perfect blend that is impossible to find nowadays. You’re on the verge of tears, emotionally connected to the character, then you burst out laughing. It’s unique to find that in television anymore, but Ritter brings that one-two punch.

Now add Kimberly Hebert Gregory (Yvette) who played Dr. Belinda Brown in the hilarious HBO series “Vice Principals.” Her calm and cool approach to the messenger of God is the exact avenue necessary for the apprehensive, edgy and fearful Kevin. It’s an uneasy and volatile start to their relationship, as would be expected, since Kevin is the only one who can see Yvette.

Kevin’s sister Amy and niece Reese, played by JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Chloe East are used to Kevin’s failures and faults. Reese has almost given up on Kevin when he moves in with them. She doesn’t want to take a single step to get close to Kevin, because she knows that Kevin is prone to hurt her mother, Amy. Over time, Reese starts to see something different in Kevin that wasn’t there before.

Dustin Ybarra plays Kevin’s longtime friend, Tyler. You’ll recognize Dustin from The Goldbergs, Gotham and The Player. The series needed a great comedian and they certainly have one with Ybarra. Seeing the combination of this cast, it’s easy to figure out how viewers will become fans within an episode.

Of the new shows premiering this season, “Kevin Probably Saves The World” is in the same league as FOX’s “Orville” and CBS’s “Me, Myself And I.” The writing, the acting and the attachment to characters will set these shows apart from the others.