Kevin Probably Saves The World is the one show you should be watching now.

Kevin Probably Saves The World is the one show you should be watching now.

There are shows I won’t watch, largely based on my own set of moral – albeit sometimes weird – ideology. For instance, I won’t watch animals being abused, but I’ll watch entire planets being destroyed on Star Wars without batting an eye. When a show comes along that actually has a moral compass and a heartfelt, emotional feel, all while making me laugh out loud, I’m on board — as long as the writing is good! Kevin Probably Saves The World meets all of those terms.

I hate to hear people say there’s nothing on television worth watching. They just don’t have the right channels, or they’re not looking. I know a lot of our readers are big into avoiding shows that are pushing an agenda they disagree with, or worse yet, making fun of them for not sharing that same agenda. I think one of the best shows to come along with an actual agenda of kindness, support, doing what’s right without a preconceived determination that the person you’re doing it for believes like you, has to be Kevin Probably.

Jason Ritter is iconic when it comes to family comedy. It’s in his blood and he should never not be on television. For ABC to have a show this profound dedicated to doing good for others, even though you’re broken yourself, is genius. Add to that a supporting cast that will have your emotions somewhere between “Touched By An Angel” and “Highway To Heaven” and you’re going to have all the greatness of a Hallmark original movie, only with the feel of a big network drama.

The cast includes Kimberly Hebert Gregory (Vice-Principals, Devious Maids), Dustin Ybarra (The Goldbergs, Gotham), JoAnna Garcia Swisher (Reba, Once Upon A Time) and Chloe East (Liv and Maddie, True Blood).

Jason Ritter stars in Kevin Probably Saves The World

Tuesday nights right now are all over the place for ABC. “The Middle” is in its last season and new shows aren’t given time to grow before being yanked off into the abyss. There’s not really a theme to shows on Tuesdays with ABC, except the idea that they used to be on Wednesdays. If given time to grow an audience, Kevin Probably has the potential to highlight a new theme in network programming — the non-preachy, non-political, pro-kindness, actually funny, family drama. It’s a brilliant concept. One we should support.

Kevin Probably Saves The World airs Tuesdays at 10 pm Eastern on ABC.