The Justice League is really, really bad.

The Justice League is really, really bad.

Like most geeks, I was optimistic that DC was going to get it right. We’d waited for so long to see The Justice League, together, with a chance at redemption for the bore-fest that was Batman Vs. Superman.

Rather than give us the exciting, fun, fast paced superhero team-up, they gave us one of the very worst comic book movies since The Green Lantern. The jokes were so bad that I found myself audibly grinding my teeth. The effects were two dimensional and weak, because DC can’t do effects that involve anything brighter than The Dark Knight.

For whatever reason, The Justice League version of The Flash is a blatant rip-off of Spider-Man, only with super speed. The back-story for the new characters is drawn out and tired and, in typical DC fashion, the movie is way too long.

With decades of villains to choose from, DC chose to have a band of flying monkey robots and yet another character you couldn’t possibly care about. The story is so slow paced, it’s easy to forget what’s going on. I felt bad for Gal Gadot having to be the one redeeming quality for this garbage.

Jason Momoa cracks jokes, while doing little else, in Justice League.

I don’t know who cast Jeremy Irons as Alfred, but it’s among the poorest decisions in casting I can remember. He’s a great actor, but he’s not Alfred. Amber Heard as Mera worked, but of course we barely get to know her. Instead, we are drowned in Ben Affleck, who adds nothing but disappointment to the picture.

Zack Snyder barely directs this Joss Whedon screenplay. Both are out of their element. There are plenty of reasons this movie is losing tens-of-millions of dollars and failing to even come close to recouping its budget. I had hoped for DC to have built upon the lessons they should’ve learned from the past decade. Instead, they doubled down on all the reasons they should just scrap it and start over. All they have to do is excite us by saving the world with simple, cool characters. With the exception of Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad, there’s nothing in DC’s films work saving.