A Completely Incomplete List of Classic Christmas Episodes

A Completely Incomplete List of Classic Christmas Episodes

Who doesn’t love nostalgia? Especially around Christmas time, it’s fun to look back and remember the shows we grew up with and the episodes that celebrated the holidays. While this list is not complete, it’s a good starting point for TV fans to find the episode title, season and episode number from some of their favorite Christmas episodes and Christmas specials from a classic television series they may want to revisit this Christmas.

These 200+ different shows are listed in alphabetical order for easier scrolling.

Mary’s Christmas 1/13
The Night They Arrested Santa Claus 4/9
Guess Who’s Not Coming to Christmas 5/12

3rd Rock From the Sun
Jolly Old St. Dick 2/12

30 Rock
Lucachristmas 2/9
Christmas Special 3/6
Secret Santa 4/8
Christmas Attack Zone 5/10
My Whole Life Is Thunder 7/8

8 Simple Rules
All I Want For Christmas 1/12
A Very C.J. Christmas 3/12

A Charlie Brown Christmas
Special (1965)

Log 22 …So This Little Guy Goes… 1/26

Addams Family, The
Christmas With the Addams Family 2/15

Oh, Tannerbaum 1/12
ALF’s Special Christmas Part 1 2/12
ALF’s Special Christmas Part 2 2/13

Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Santa Claus…Tenth Avenue Kid 1/12
Back For Christmas 1/23

A Semi-Merry Christmas 2/9
Mel, The Magi 4/11
Mel’s Christmas Carol 6/9
Tis the Season to Be Jealous 8/10

All In the Family
Christmas Day at the Bunkers 2/13
Edith’s Christmas Story 4/15
The Draft Dodger 7/15
Edith’s Crisis of Faith Part 1 8/13
Edith’s Crisis of Faith Part 2 8/14
Bogus Bills 9/10
The Bunkers Go West 9/11
California, Here We Are Part 1 9/12
California, Here We Are Part 2 9/13

Ally McBeal
Boy to the World 1/10
Silver Bells 1/11
Making Spirits Bright 2/10
Saving Santa 3/7
Blue Christmas 3/8
Tis the Season 4/6
The Man with the Bag 4/8
Nine One One 5/7

Alvin and the Chipmunks
TV Special (1981)

Your Christmas Show of Shows 1/11
The Twelve Songs of Christmas 2/11
The Deacon’s Donkey 3/10
Thelma Frye, Dough Girl 4/12
Miracle on 134th Street Part 1 5/5
Miracle on 134th Street Part 2 5/6

Amos ’n Andy Show, The
The Christmas Story 2/13

Andy Griffith Show, The
Christmas Story 1/11

Archie Bunker’s Place
Custody Part 1 2/10
Custody Part 2 2/11
Father Christmas 4/13

Avengers, The
Too Many Christmas Trees 4/13

Barney Miller
Christmas Story 3/10
Toys 5/12
Homeless 8/7

Mary and Her Lambs 4/10
Home For Christmas 6/13

Beverly Hillbillies, The
Home for Christmas 1/13
No Place Like Home 1/14
Christmas At the Clampetts 2/14
The Christmas Present 5/15
The Week Before Christmas 7/13
Christmas in Hooterville 7/14

A Vision of Sugar Plums 2/15
Humbug Not to Be Spoken Here 4/16
Santa Comes to Visit…and Stays 6/14
Sisters At Heart 7/13

Bing Crosby Show, The
The Christmas Show 1/14

Bob Newhart Show, The
His Busiest Season 1/14
I’m Dreaming of a Slight Christmas 2/15
Home Is Where the Hurt Is 3/15
Bob Has to…in the Hospital 4/15
Making Up Is the Thing to Do 5/13
‘Twas the Pie Before Christmas 6/12

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol
Special (1988)

It’s A Marginal Life 2/13

Boy Meets World
Santa’s Little Helper 1/10
Turnaround 2/12
Train of Fools 3/10
Easy Street 4/12
A Very Topanga Christmas 5/11
Santa’s Little Helpers 6/11

Brady Bunch, The
The Voice of Christmas 1/12
A Very Brady Christmas TV Special (1988)

Cagney & Lacey
I’ll Be Home For Christmas 2/9
Play It Again, Santa 5/11

Camp Candy
Christmas in July 1/13

Car 54, Where Are You?
Christmas at the 53rd 1/15

Carpenters, The
The Carpenters at Christmas (1977)
A Christmas Portrait (1978)

Charles in Charge
Home For the Holidays 1/11
Yule Laff 3/5

Christmas Cheers 6/12

Chico and the Man
The Proposal 4/7

Christmas Watch 3/15

Christmas Eve On Sesame Street
TV Special (1978)

Christmas Brains 3/12
My True Love Gave To Me 5/11
Christmas of the Van Damned 6/12
You Win Some, You Lose Some 9/8

Cosby Show, The
Father’s Day 1/13

Daniel Boone
The Christmas Story 2/14

Danny Kaye Show, The
Christmas Show 1/13
Christmas Show 2/14
Christmas Show 3/14
Christmas Show 4/14

Darkwing Duck
It’s A Wonderful Leaf 1/41

Dennis the Menace
The Christmas Story 1/11
The Christmas Horse 2/12
The Fifteen-Foot Christmas Tree 3/12

Designing Women
I’ll Be Home for Christmas 2/12
Julia and Mary Jo Get Stuck Under a Bed 6/11
Tales Out of School 6/13

Diagnosis: Murder
Murder in the Family 4/12
Santa Claude 7/11

Dick Van Dyke Show, The
The Alan Brady Show Presents 3/13

Different World, A
Twelve Steps of Christmas 5/12

Diff’rent Strokes
Santa’s Helper 5/12

Dobie Gillis, The Many Loves of
Deck the Halls 1/12
Jangle Bells 2/10
Have Reindeer, Will Travel 3/11
Will the Real Santa Claus…Chimney 4/13

Dr. Kildare
Season to Be Jolly 1/13

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Mike’s Dream…A Christmas Tale 2/11
The First Christmas 3/13
Fifi’s First Christmas 4/12
Seasons of Miracles 5/13

Donna Reed Show, The
A Very Merry Christmas 1/14

Donny & Marie
Christmas Show (1976-1978)

Doris Day Show, The
A Two-Family Christmas 2/11
It’s Christmas Time in the City 3/15
Whodunnit, Doris? 4/14

Dragnet (’51)
The Big .22 Rifle for Christmas 2/7

Dragnet (’67)
The Christmas Story 2/15
The Big Little Jesus 3/17

Dukes of Hazzard, The
The Great Santa Claus Chase 3/9

Eight Is Enough
Yes, Nicholas, There Is A Santa Claus Part 1 2/13
Yes, Nicholas, There Is A Santa Claus Part 2 2/14

The Gift 1/11
A Miracle Happens Here 2/10
Homeless for the Holidays 3/10
Do You See What I See? 4/10
The Miracle Worker 5/10
How the Finch Stole Christmas 6/9
I’ll Be Home for Christmas 8/10
Makemba 10/10
Twas the Night 11/9
All About Christmas Eve 12/10
City of Mercy 13/11
The High Holiday 15/10

Everybody Loves Raymond
The Ball 1/12
All I Want for Christmas 2/12
The Toaster 3/12
The Christmas Picture 4/10
Christmas Present 5/10
Seasons Greetings 7/12
The Thought That Counts 7/11
Jazz Records 8/10

Facts of Life, The
The Christmas Show 5/12
Christmas In the Big House 6/14
Christmas Baby 7/13
It’s A Wonderful Christmas 9/10

On the First Day of Christmas 2/9
A Child Is Given 2/11
Gifts 4/8
’Tis the Season 5/2

Family Affair
Christmas Came A Little Early 3/7

Family Matters
Have Yourself A Very Winslow Christmas 2/13
It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Urkel 4/12
Christmas Is Where the Heart Is 5/11
Miracle On Elm Street 6/11
Fa La La La Laaagghh! 7/11
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 8/13
Deck the Malls 9/11

Family Ties
Season A Christmas Story 1/11
A Keaton Christmas Carol 2/9
Miracle In Columbus 6/17

Fat Albert Christmas Special
TV Special (1977)

Father Dowling Mysteries
The Christmas Mystery 3/10

Father Knows Best
Home For Christmas (TV Movie) 1977
The Christmas Story 1/12
The Angel’s Sweater 3/15

Flintstones, The
Christmas Flintstones 5/15
A Flintstone Christmas, TV Special (1977)

Flying Nun, The
Wailing In A Winter Wonderland 1/16

Fraggle Rock
The Bells of Fraggle Rock 3/1

Frasier Grinch 3/9
Mary Christmas 8/8
Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz 6/10
Miracle on Third and Fourth Street 1/12
Perspectives on Christmas 5/9
The Fight Before Christmas 7/11
We Two Kings 10/10

Fresh Prince of Bell-Air, The
Deck the Halls 1/15
Will’s Christmas Show 2/13
’Twas The Night Before Christening 4/13
Oooh, Baby, Baby 6/11

The…Inappropriate Sister 5/10
The One with the Routine 6/10
The…Holiday Armadillo 7/10
The One with Christmas in Tulsa 9/10

Full House
Our Very First Christmas Show 2/9
A Very Tanner Christmas 6/12
Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen 8/11

Garfield Christmas Special, A
TV special (1987)

George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, The
Gracie’s Christmas 1/6
Christmas With Mamie Kelly 2/7
Company for Christmas 6/12
Christmas In Jail 7/16
The Old Mink Coat 8/13

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
Cobra Claws Are Coming To Town 1/39

Gimme A Break!
A Kanisky Christmas 3/10
The Spirit of Christmas 4/13
Snippets 5/13
Christmas In New York 6/12

Golden Girls, The
’Twas the Nightmare…Christmas 2/11
Have Yourself a Very…Christmas 5/12

Green Acres
An Old-Fashioned Christmas 2/13

Gilligan’s Island
Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk 1/12

Good Times
Penny’s Christmas 5/12
The Traveling Christmas 6/12

Growing Pains
A Christmas Story 1/12
The Kid 2/9
It’s Not Easy Being Green 7/13

Happy Days
Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas 2/11
Richie Branches Out 4/11
Christmas Time 6/16
White Christmas 8/6
All I Want for Christmas 10/10

Hardy Boys, The/Nancy Drew Mysteries
Will the Real Santa Claus…? 2/12

Hart to Hart
’Tis the Season…Murdered 2/5
Hartbreak Kid 3/9
A Christmas Hart 4/10
Trust Your Hart 5/11

Have Gun – Will Travel
The Cross 1/15

Hazel’s Christmas Shopping 1/12
Just 86…Minutes to Christmas 4/15

Highway Patrol
Christmas Story 1/39

Hill Street Blues
Santaclaustrophobia 3/12
The Virgin and the Turkey 6/10

Highway To Heaven
Another Song for Christmas 1/13
Bassenger’s New York 3/13

Home Improvement
Yule Better Watch Out 1/12
I’m Scheming of A White Christmas 2/12
’Twas the Blight Before Christmas 3/12
’Twas the Night Before Chaos 4/12
’Twas the Flight Before Christmas 5/12
Bright Christmas 7/11

Honeymooners, The
‘Twas The Night Before Christmas 1/13

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Special (1966)

I Love Lucy
The I Love Lucy Christmas Show 6/11

It’s Garry Shandling’s Show
It’s Garry Shandling’s Christmas Show 2/8

Jack Benny Program, The
Jack Does Christmas Shopping 5/6
Christmas Shopping Show 8/7
Christmas Gift Exchange 9/8
Christmas Show 11/9
Christmas Party 12/10

Jake and the Fatman
Have Yourself a…Christmas 1/11
What Child Is This? 3/11

Jeffersons, The
The Christmas Wedding 3/12
984 W. 124th Street Apt. 5C 4/15
George Finds A Father 5/12
All I Want For Christmas 7/8
Father Christmas 10/10

Jetsons, The
A Jetson Christmas Carol, TV Special (1985)

Joanie Loves Chachi
Christmas Show 2/11

John Denver and the Muppets
A Christmas Together, TV special (1979)

Johnny Cash Christmas Special
TV Special (1978)

Johnny Cash Show, The
The Johnny Cash Christmas Show 2/13

Johnny Staccato
The Unwise Men 1/15

The Judy Garland Show
The Christmas Show 1/12

King of the Hill
The Unbearable Blindness of Laying 2/11
Pretty, Pretty Dresses 3/9
Hillennium 4/10
‘Twas the Nut Before Christmas 5/8
The Father, the Son, and J.C. 6/4
Livin’ on Reds, Vitamin C and Propane 8/7
Ms. Wakefield 9/2

Knight Rider
Silent Knight 2/12

Knots Landing
One of a Kind 3/6
Gifts 8/14
Weak Moment 9/12
A Merry Little Christmas 12/12
Holiday On Ice 13/11

The Christmas Story 5/16

Laverne & Shirley
Friendly Persuasion 7/9
Oh Come All Ye Bums 4/14
Oh Hear the Angels’ Voices 2/10

Leave it to Beaver
The Haircut 1/4

Little House On the Prairie
Christmas At Plum Creek 1/15
Pilot 0/0

Lucy Show, The
Together For Christmas 1/13
Lucy the Choirmaster 4/13

Lois & Clark
’Twas the Night Before Myxmas 4/11

Lone Ranger, The
Christmas Story 5/15

Loretta Young Show, The
The Night My Father Came Home 1/14
Christmas Stopover 3/17

Love Boat
Silent Night 1/11
The Christmas Presence 6/13
Santa, Santa, Santa 8/15
The Christmas Cruise Part 1 10/2
The Christmas Cruise Part 2 10/3

Dear Dad 1/12
Dear Sis 7/14
Death Takes A Holiday 9/5
Twas the Day After Christmas 10/10
(AfterMASH) All About Christmas Eve 1/12

Magnum P.I.
Operation: Silent Night 4/10

Make Room For Daddy/The Danny Thomas Show
Christmas 1/13
Christmas and Clowns 4/13
Christmas Story 11/12

Mama’s Family
Santa Mama 3/13
Mama Gets Goosed 6/14

Man from U.N.C.L.E., The
The Jingle Bells Affair 3/15

Married… With Children
You Better Watch Out 2/13
It’s A Bundyful Life Part 1 4/11
It’s A Bundyful Life Part 2 4/12
Christmas 7/12
The Worst Noel 8/13
I Can’t Believe It’s Butter 10/14
God Help Ye Merry Bundymen 11/8

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
(Untitled) 2/60

Mary Tyler Moore Show, The
Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid 1/14
Not A Christmas Story 5/9

The Scrooge 4/13

The Office Party 2/14
The Christmas Party 4/14
Walter’s Christmas Gift 5/13
Maude’s Christmas Surprise 6/11

McHale’s Navy
The Day They Captured Santa 1/11

Mr. Bean
Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean 1/7

Mr. Belvedere
Christmas Story 4/8
A Happy Guys’ Christmas 6/11

Mister Ed
Ed’s Christmas Story 4/12

Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol
Special (1962)

Monkees, The
The Christmas Show 2/15

’Twas the Episode Before Christmas 2/10
It’s a Wonderful Job 3/8

Mork & Mindy
Mork’s First Christmas 1/12

My Mother the Car
Many Happy No-Returns 1/15

Murphy Brown
Murphy’s Pony 1/5
Jingle Hell… 3/11
I’m Dreaming of A Brown Christmas 5/12
Brown In Toyland 7/12

My Two Dads
’Tis the Season 1/11
I’m Dreaming of A Holiday Episode 3/10

Mystery Science Theater 3000
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians 3/21
Santa Claus 5/21

Nanny, The
Christmas Episode 1/8
Oy to the World 3/14
The Hanukkah Story 6/10

No Room At the Inn 1/9
The Prodigal Darryl 3/21

Night Court
Santa Goes Downtown 1/2
Let It Snow 5/11
The Night Court Before Christmas 6/9
Santa on the Lam 9/11

Night Gallery
The Messiah on Mott Street 2/13

Odd Couple, The
Scrooge Gets an Oscar 1/12

Office, The
A Benihana Christmas 3/10
A Moroccan Christmas 5/10
Christmas Party 2/10
Christmas Wishes 8/10
Classy Christmas 7/11
Dwight Christmas 9/9
Secret Santa 6/13

One Day At A Time
Girl Talk 4/13
Not a Creature Was Staying 9/9

Our Miss Brooks
The Christmas Show 1/13
The Magic Tree 2/12
Music Box Revue 4/11

Ozzie & Harriet, The Adventures of
Boys’ Christmas Money 1/12
Late Christmas Gift 1/13
The Miracle 2/15
Lost Christmas Gift 3/10
The Fruitcake 3/11
Christmas in October 5/4
Busy Christmas 5/12
The Day After Christmas 5/13
Christmas Tree Lot 6/11
The Girl In the Emporium 9/12
A Piano for the Fraternity 9/13

Partridge Family, The
Don’t Bring Your Guns to Town, Santa 2/13

Patty Duke Show, The
The Christmas Present 1/15

Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special
Christmas At Pee-Wee’s Playhouse (1988)

Perfect Strangers
A Christmas Story 2/11

Petticoat Junction
Cannonball Christmas 1/14
The Santa Claus Special 4/13

Pretender, The
Not Even A Mouse 1/8

Punky Brewster
Yes Punky, There’s A Santa Claus 1 1/12
Yes Punky, There’s A Santa Claus 2 1/13
Christmas Shoplifting 2/13
Christmas Hero 4/7

Quantum Leap
A Little Miracle 3/10

Real Ghostbusters, The
Xmas Marks the Spot 1/13

Real McCoys, The
The Diamond Ring 5/8

Santa Claus 4/12
It’s No Place…Holidays 5/12
White Trash Christmas 6/12
Home For the Holidays 9/12

Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In
Laugh-In Takes a Look At Christmas 2/12
Laugh-In Christmas 6/13

Sanford and Son
Ebenezer Sanford 5/12

Saved By the Bell
Home for Christmas Part 1 3/24
Home for Christmas Part 2 3/25

Saved By the Bell: The New Class
Christmas In July 2/12
The Christmas Gift 3/25
Fire At the Max Part 1 4/25
Fire At the Max Part 2 4/26
Seasons Greed-ings 6/13

Scarecrow and Mrs. King
The Long Christmas Eve 1/10

Second-City Television
SCTV Staff Christmas Party 1/16

The Strike 9/10

Silver Spoons
The Best Christmas Ever 1/13
’Twas the Night Before Christmas 3/11

Sister Kate
Father Christmas 1/13

Six Million Dollar Man, The
A Bionic Christmas Carol 4/10

Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, The
’Twas the Week Before Christmas 1/14

Smurfs, The
Christmas Special, TV Special (1982)
Baby’s First Christmas 3/25
The Magic Sack of Mr. Nicholas 7/25
‘Tis the Season To Be Smurfy, TV Special(1987)

Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, The
Christmas Episode 3/13
Christmas Episode 4/13

Square Pegs
A Child’s…Weemawee Part 1 1/11
A Child’s…Weemawee Part 2 1/12

St. Elsewhere
Santa Claus Is Dead 4/11

Star Trek: The Original Series
Dagger of the Mind 1/9

Starsky and Hutch
Little Girl Lost 2/13

Step By Step
Christmas Story 3/11
I’ll Be Home for Christmas 4/12
The Fight Before Christmas 5/11
Too Many Santas 7/10

A Jolly Molly Christmas 1/43

A Full House for Christmas 1/13
Get Me Through the Holidays 5/12

That ‘70s Show
The Best Christmas Ever 1/12
Hyde’s Christmas Rager 3/9
An Eric Forman Christmas 4/12
Christmas 6/7

Three’s Company
Three’s Christmas 2/14

Too Close For Comfort
Mr. Christmas 3/11

Touched By An Angel
Fear Not! 1/9
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear 4/12
The Christmas Gift 6/10
An Angel on My Tree 7/10
The Christmas Watch 9/10

Twilight Zone, The
Night Of the Meek 2/11
The Changing of the Guard 3/37

Veronica Mars
An Echolls Family Christmas 1/10

Walker, Texas Ranger
A Ranger Christmas 5/13

Waltons: The
Best Christmas: 5/12
The Children’s Carol 6/11
Day of Infamy 7/10
The Spirit 8/13

The Man In the Red Flannel Suit 4/11
Simple Gifts 5/12

Welcome Back Kotter
Hark, the Sweatkings 2/12
A Sweathog Christmas Special 3/15
A Winter’s Coat Tale 4/13

What’s Happening!!
Christmas 1/9
Positive Identification 3/10

What’s Happening Now!!
I’ll Be Homeless… 2/13

The White Shadow
A Christmas Present 2/12
Christmas Story 3/5

Who’s the Boss
Requiem 1/10
The Christmas Card 3/11
A Spirited Christmas 5/8

A Terminal Christmas 2/11
Happy Holidays 5/11
Insanity Claus 6/11
’Twas the Heist Before Christmas 7/10
All About Christmas Eve 8/11

WKRP in Cincinnati
Jennifer’s Home for Christmas 2/11
Bah, Humbug 3/7

Wonder Woman
The Deadly Toys 2/12
Pot of Gold 3/11

Wonder Years, The
A Very Cutlip Christmas 4/9
Christmas 2/3
Christmas Party 5/9
Let Nothing You Dismay 6/10

Xena: Warrior Princess
A Solstice Carol 2/9

X-Men: The Animated Series
Have Yourself A Morlock Christmas 4/12

Yogi’s First Christmas
TV Special (1980)